Hollywood Swingin' Live Video

Added on Thursday 29 September 2005, 07:30 (BST)
A video of a live performance of Hollywood Swingin' from a few years ago is available on the website, as part of their promotions of the songs inclusion on the Roll Bounce movie soundtrack.

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Hollywoooooood, Hollywod swinging! Man you got that swing!!!

Dreamteam in action! wooohoo!=]

Well! Impressive performance from a funk machine - the team featuring the legendary Smith, Zender and D-Zire. (No disrespect to Matt, Rob or Paul in any way, it was just from an era where everyone - the bassist, drummer and percussionist had more visible input in the work of the time.) Love the way the original is resampled and scratched into the mix. Also the synth solo adds a kinda old but nu vibe. Great version - matches the original in some ways, adds to it while maintaining maximum respect for the authors.

I like ;o).

And if anybody wonders, this was recorded in Chicago back in 1997. This is the version that's on the In-Store Jam sampler.

wow. such memories.

What is the format of the video? I can't open it...

Rom: thanks for that. I guessed it was from the In-Store Jam sampler release but didn't get around to checking for it.

Zsoma: I think it is RealMedia format. There is probably a page on the RollingStone website which tells you how their videos are encoded etc.

How about you open a 2nd night in Hollywood and make a brand new live video? You would make A LOT of people REALLY happy.

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