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Added on Tuesday 20 September 2005, 15:38 (BST)

No sooner do I announce two new updates to the Official Jamiroquai Tour Diary there is a new update from Matt, written a short while ago prior to the soundcheck of today's concert in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The posting provides more information about Jay's recent hand injury:

"The other day we had a real drama when Jay badly cut his wrist. He was just about to go to bed on his bus when it lurched in the road, causing him to lose his balance. He went to steady himself with his hand which found a protuding metal object. The result was a very deep gash which needed 7 stiches. The tendoms were exposed and they had to give him 5 injections directly in his wrist before stitching him up!

I must admit he was a real trooper, I thought the gig would be off but although he couldn't dance for fear of re-opening the wound his gave a fantastic show. In fact, for me, it was the best we have done in terms of the music."

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poor Jay!
quite strange he "lost his balance"... it is ironic isn't it? he he he, poor Jay!!!

well that answers the question of 'o it's all to much, i'll just try to die!' assumption some of us (ahem guilty) made lol

good on ya jay for keeping the show going!!! wot a trooper u are!!! keep the good work up! and get beta soon!!! high five to the rest of he band!!

And white angels cry for his sick wrist !
Here it goes a biiiiiiiiiiig kiss to your wrist Jay it will help !!! : D Your soul (educated) Capricorn Sista...: DD (1978*12*31): DDDDD

protruding metal object?????

wot on earth was it the end of his hat????


Jay kay yo quiero ser tu doctora para curarte tu manita amor TE AMO JAY KAY Cuidate mucho

Poor Jay !!!

Five inyections!!! I hope the antitetanic!!!

Care you hand... and all the band care you!!!

Here is how Jay's injury was reported by the Associated Press agency:

Jamiroquai Singer Slashes Wrist

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY-September 21, 2005 - He says he was traveling to Hamburg, Germany, when he fell on the bus and cut his right hand on a sharp piece of an air conditioning unit. He says he was cut "virtually to the bone" and he could see the tendons.

He's all patched up now, but he says after 15 years of using his right hand to hold a microphone, it's strange having to switch to the left.

Jamiroquai have just released a new album called "Dynamite." He's hoping Americans will hear more about this one than the last one, because that one happened to be released on September Eleventh, 2001.

And in case you were wondering, "Dynamite" has nothing to do with "Napoleon Dynamite," which featured the Jamiroquai song "Canned Heat" in Napoleon's big dance scene. Kay says he hasn't even seen the movie.

(Copyright 2005 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

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