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Added on Tuesday 20 September 2005, 13:54 (UTC)

Two new entries into the Official Jamiroquai Tour Diary have recently been added.  The first is from Rob, written before the gig in Dublin last Thursday.  Rob talks about shopping for clothes and also the amazing light show which the band have with them:

"The light show seems to be getting better as we go on.I've heard the lights during Cosmic are a bit special. I don't see them but its good to see the looks on theaudiences faces when the lights change."

The second is from Matt, written before the concert in Lille (France) on 17 September.  Matt gives a great insight into what touring is like for himself, and how the music is changing as the tour continues...

"As the tour progresses the format of some of the songs is becoming looser with Jay calling changes on the fly. This kind of jamming for me is the essence of what this band is about. I feel really alive when being called to be spontaeneous and creative in this kind of situation.  This is why I was so excited to join this band and I hope it never becomes a boring pop thing when it's the same every night, I couldn't stand that."

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