Give Hate A Chance prepares for release

Added on Tuesday 20 September 2005, 21:51 (BST)

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance - the expected third single release from Dynamite is starting to get some UK promotion - it is currently being used as a backing track for some commercials on UK television channel "Sky Sports".

As announced here back in July, the single is expected to be released in the UK on 10 October.

Credit: Jake Moore

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It`s funny that you post about DGHACH today, because in our TV Show Vodopad (in English Waterfall) showed today evening DJ played it at the end of the show. And as you know Czech Republic is not country where Jamiroquai is IN so I was surprised.

I am sooooooooo pleased that they are releasing 'Dont give hate a chance' it is a powerful song and i think it should go straight to number 1. Love you Jamiroquai keep on doing what you do best love always and forever.lindax x x x

hmmm i wonder wot the video clip will be like?

yep!!! love the song as its lyrics are poewrful.proberbly the most politicle song i have heard since the B.E.Ps "where is the love in 03'

not sure about how well it will do or wot the video will b like either!!


the next single is dont give hate a chance, i hope jay and the video director have a good idea for this my posts and post from others fan in the official board for more ideas about the new video

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesss, this is my favest Jamiroquai song EVER ! I hoped that it'd be a single,people in this world NEED songs with these kinda MEANINGS & FEELINGS.
I don't give hate a chance , all my love to ALL at Jamiroquai...Soul educated white Angel Capricorn, Jay's SOUL sista Zuzie from Hungary

Just as expected...I knew from the very first time I heard this song that it would become a single in the near future. This was the first song of the album that I heard and it is my fave of the album...about the video...I have it in my mind every time I play this song...Jay Kay in a disco...lights everywhere and of course some cool dance moves. We haven't seen Jay Kay dancing in a video for quite a while, so I hope this can be a reality. Jamiroquai Rulezzzzzzzz!!!

I sure wish they would release 'Dynamite' as a single, I would love to hear remixes of this track- my favourite on the album!

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