Jay's friends rescue him from besotted fan!

Added on Saturday 17 September 2005, 08:11 (BST)

I'm not normally a fan of the gossip that you read in some of the UK newspapers but this one is quite amusing.  Fridays edition of the Daily Star newspaper (UK) reported a slightly different twist on a story that was written in many reviews of the recent Birmingham concert.  Going back a week, The Daily Telegraph newspaper review of the concert originally wrote the following:

Early on, he invited an unsuspecting birthday girl – a Virgin air stewardess, he claimed – to dance with him on stage during Cosmic Girl.  It was a measure of his easy-going appeal that the guest appeared not embarrassed or humiliated, but to thoroughly enjoy herself.  "Phew," Kay quipped afterwards, "economy will never be the same again."

The new update to this as printed in the Daily Star newspaper (and also at  the TeenToday and FemaleFirst websites) is as follows:

Jay Kay had to turn to friends for help after a besotted fan begged him to teach her about sex.

The Jamiroquai frontman had invited the girl on stage after she wrote him a sexy note - and ended up fighting her off after the show.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "She explained that she was called Tracy, had a 36DD chest, was a virgin and was available for his pleasure at any time".

The star read the message to the crowd at the Birmingham gig, then called her on stage and dedicated his hit song ' Cosmic Girl' to her.

The 33-year-old singer then invited her to the after-show bash. The insider claimed: "She kept telling him she wanted him to make a woman of her and that she would do anything for him.

"It all got a little bit too much and Jay had to ask his mates to rescue him several times".

Don't you just love the UK newspapers!

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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lmfao perks of being Jay!

how ridiculous. another thing i don't read - tabloids. i have NO interest in celebrities lives, whether the info is true or false. could you imagine if they used that press space to fight poverty, AIDS, education, equal rights, etc. instead of this BS? it's all about the dollar and the fame. idiots!

well put, but sum ppl r interested in that BS (not mebtw)

Deesha before you start screaming the odds, let me inform you of something. The paper in question is a PURE tabloid newspaper, "the daily star" is a newspaper which contains all kindsa stories, all rotating around celebs personal lives, crazy but true stories. Sure alot of papers print "sleaze" but its that kinda stuff that sells. If you dont like it, you dont buy it, simple as that.

deesha=party pooper. although i agree with u (that's the key phrase). was laughing my a** off until i read yr comment. right comment, wrong moment.

Oh, and here's another Jay and Denise article from the UK Sunday Mirror newspaper today:

Denise hooks up with ex
Suzanne Kerins

IS rock millionaire Jay Kay ready to rekindle his romance with his true love Denise Van Outen?

I only ask because the Jamiroquai frontman and the glam blonde TV star looked like they were very much in lurve again when they hooked up in Dublin last Thursday.

I can reveal the pair are in constant touch. And Jay, 35, was more than happy to accommodate Denise, 31, when she asked whether she and her pals could see him in action at Dublin's Point Theatre last week.

Blonde Denise gushed and giggled like a lovestruck teenager when Jay looked straight at her in the mosh pit as he belted out his hit Cosmic Girl. And after the sell-out gig, she was immediatelyered to join him backstage. My spy tells me: "Denise and Jay looked so happy when they were finally reunited backstage.

"She gave him a kiss as soon as she saw him. Jay held her hand and was very protective towards her. It was like old times."

The pair ended their engagement in 2000. But Jay still insists Denise is the only woman who has ever understood him. He recently said: "Denise is stunning and very funny. She's my ideal woman. We were always laughing and I love her to death.

"The years we spent together were the best of my life. We were a fantastic couple and I would love to have that again."

Meanwhile Denise, who ended her six-month romance with record boss Ferdie Unger Hamilton, 34, in July, has been more cautious. She previously said: "He's still a part of my life ...but we couldn't go back."

Looks like she's had a change of heart. Watch this space...

I find that funny, I went to the Toledo, SPAIN show. I spent the whole evening trying to get backstage to meet Jay, a guard told me it useless because Jay was with his girlfriend , a goregeous Asian-American girl. CRUSHED!!!!!!!

sorry, gorgeous.

carl - what are you talking about? screaming what odds? i know nothing about this paper or know what you are talking about.
soulstar - i was laughing while writing my comment. you don't know me, so keep your judgment of me being a "party pooper" to yourself. if you knew me, then you'd know that all i do is laugh and have fun. that's what my life is about.
and if you don't know the word ridiculous means funny..
you all need to lighten up. i thought it was funny aka ridiculous.
it's not that serious, really.

and..i'm an activist by nature, and i won't apologize for that..

To be fair, you didnt really come across as being someone who haves fun and laugh and suchlike. We only judged what we SAW with our own eyes. Just leave it at that, k?

sure, whatever!

Pretty Asian-American in Toledo and (just read on Jamirotalk): 2 lovely blonde groupies in Dusseldorf;
(he can afford, he isn't married)

BTW those 36 DDs at Birmingham were about as 'real' as my backstage pass !!! And half of that was fat. She had a sense of humour and shared it with the crowd. 'Sir' JK turned his back to her as she wobbled her phoney assets, and she took the chance and pretended to do a lap dance around 'Sir' JK without him being aware. The crowd roared with laughter and he was unaware, I think Paul or the girls (Sam, Lorraine and Hazel) would have informed him later what she did exactly because she was dancing on the stage between Paul and the girls.

LOL at Little H. Great explanation.

hahaha...that's hilarious

2 groupies in Germany ? But he has said in interviews that now he has stopped 'doing ' groupies !

hay is a single man, he have the the chance of have all the girls who want.
if im a famous singer im sure to do the same

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