Jamiroquai - Artist Of The Year - You Decide

Added on Saturday 17 September 2005, 08:45 (BST)

Jamiroquai are one of the artists listed in the "Artist of the Year" category at the BT Digital Music Awards 2005.  You can vote for Jamiroquai by visiting the DMA website.

Whilst you are voting, please also spend a few seconds voting for and also in the "People's Choice Award" category.

Credit: James Kirkham

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I think Jamiroquai should win artist of the year. The band and Jay Kay are some of the most artistic people in music from 1992 to the present.Any one remember the inside cover of Travelin With Out Movin.I am affaid that if they start to win those big awards, it may affect them all, mostly Jay Kay.We have all seen what can happen to a good band of guys, who can make funky jams to that music of the mind when fame is involved.I could never get enough of this kind of music.And sadly it seems that no one else wants to enjoy this kind of music anymore.Only what the MTV tells us is good.Acid Jazz forever J roll out.AC here I come.

Jamiroquai are no stranger to "lack of awards"..take the Brits for example...Real Jam fans will know what Im talking about. Jamiroquai have been around for over 10yrs. Did you read that? Let me type it again so you can understand its importance : Jamiroquai have been around for over 10yrs. >> They've stood the test of time, I dont care if they win no awards, or 10...Jamiroquai are still amazing. Always have been. Always will be. I hold these guys in high regard and anyone who disagrees and is readin this is seriously on the wrong website. Jamiroquai arent just a group, they're a way of life.

I think Jamiroquai should not only get the award for music but also of Jay's quiting drugs

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