Feels Just Like It Should on the big screen

Added on Friday 16 September 2005, 13:00 (BST)

The RESFEST 2005 film festival, which is currently travelling the globe, reaches London at the end of September.  On Friday 30 September at 18:10, the superb video for Feels Just Like It Should will be featured as part of a "Videos That Rock" presentation at the National Film Theatre in London.

More information about RESFEST can be found at 

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sorry david but this video is not superb,SPACE COWBOY video could eat it alive!!!

You know, it makes you wanna rock, rock, rock yo!

Ivan: yeah, Space Cowboy is a fantastic video, but I guess they wanted one with more special effects etc. - and one that was new.

ohh gosh.... feels just like it should is gonna get humiliated at this festival.... :( bad choice!

wat the hell u tlkin bout catman

its not the best video clip!

the song is crap and the video is crap! u woulda thought the video clip woulda been much better considering who directed it!

ur off ur trooley mate, the vid is great and so is the song

hahaha... hahaa... oooookkkkkkaaaayy


This is their dirtiest, filthiest, release they've ever made. This song, this direction, is wicked.
I can't get enough! Thankyou mate.

There better videos then feels just like it should. yep space cowbow is way better

how do you get the gold edition of dynamite i live in australia do you think it will come out here

Maybe it'll get slated but seeing the candyman at a cinema's gotsta be cool!

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