Dublin concert - (Almost) Live Updates! (Part 2)

Added on Thursday 15 September 2005, 23:52 (BST)

Jamiroquai are today (Thursday) performing in the city of Dublin, Ireland and I hope to bring regular set list updates from the concert direct to later this evening....

  • 20:00 BST: El Presidente (support artist) on stage
  • 21:09 BST: Intro track - "Theme From Enter The Dragon", by Lalo Schifrin (as featured on the LateNightTales Jamiroquai album)
  • Please note that this set list is not complete, it is just to give the general idea of the running order of the concert.
  • 21:10 BST: Canned Heat
  • 21:23 BST: Cosmic Girl
  • 21:45 BST: Jay thanks the crowd for supporting the band for over 13 years, and then they play Seven Days In Sunny June
  • 21:50 BST: Black Devil Car
  • 21:54 BST: Love Blind
  • 22:03 BST: Use The Force
  • 22:05 BST: Black Capricorn Day
  • 22:12 BST: Love Foolosophy
  • 22:30 BST: Time Won't Wait, Virtual Insanity
  • 22:36 BST: Alright
  • 22:48 BST: Deeper Underground

Huge thanks have to go to Heather and A-A for keeping me up to date with the set list and for wearing t-shirts on the to follow soon!

Our special funkin correspondent gave Rob an Irish flag and wrote on it, "Jam Party People" (the offical forum).  When the band re-entered for the Deeper Underground finale, Jay had it tied around his waist.

OK, Here's the final set list from Dublin:

  • Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Black Devil Car, Love Blind, Use The Force, Black Capricorn Day, Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Virtual Insanity, Alright, Deeper Underground.

Jamiroquai continue their European tour at the Zenith in Lille, France on Saturday night.

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amazed about how fast info flows... nevermind global postion, this is getting real..



Was there last night at the Dublin concert, it was absolutely brill. Seen them there five years ago. Hopefully it wont be too long before we seen them back in Dublin again. We all had a deadly night and the place was kicking.

Was in Point last nite- amazing concert-an assault on the senses!! have waited so long for them to come to Dublin and my completely sceptical boyfriend was instantly converted in a JK fan, was recommending them this am!!Come back to Dublin soon.

No Dynamite :S:(

Yeah the show was absolutely brilliant. For me it was better than the last one here, five years ago. They played a lot of the older tunes. I'd always wanted to hear Revolution '93 played live and i was as good as i'd imagined. Use the Force was incredible too.

At the end when they came out for the encore with the flag the crowd absolutely erupted. It was pretty special.

Also I was chatting to Heather for a few mins before the band came out, so if she reads this then Hello again.

How COOL was that? Yea the Dublin concert was totally kicking! I thought the latest live version of space cowboy was a classic. Funny too when he was standing there with the pink umbrella and all ...u'd know it was an Irish gig ;p So Fergus how was it for you????

One other thing - the whole show was being filmed by two cameras, one on a rail in front of the stage, and another free one held by a cameraman to the left of the stage.

Have the other shows on this tour been filmed? Is there any word on this being released on DVD?

well i dont think jay will forget the reception he got off the irish crowd in a hurry. unreal!

This gig was amazing. The band were so tight and funkin'. Pity about the sound and all the feedback....... J.K. was a bit ticked off with it. Thankfully it didn't take from the perfomance of the band.

Oh my god,what a fantastic concert,such a good vibe,the hole set was amazing, especially 'use the force',the version they played might be my favourite Jamiroquai song of all time,I hope they release the live version as an extra track on a single or if I can get a hold of the bootleg,would be great.

Off the hook or what guys?
It was just rocking and so was Jay Kay.
Loved Deeper Underground and the flag of course!
Can't wait until the next gig!

Hi everyone - there are photos of the concert at WENN Photos

Enjoy :) :) :)


Whoops - the link for WENN photos is


What a fantastic gig, I was blown away by the live version of revolution 1993!! The chanting of Ole,Ole when Jay held the flag up was amazing!! I met Matt Johnson, Rob Harris & Paul Turner in Lillies Bordello(a dublin club), I told them that the gig was a step above their last one and they seemed genuinely Pleased with that.

It would be great if they released a live cd ...concerts like this would be so cool to have on my ipod!

Hi Karl from Limerick !!!

It was great wasn't it !!! [email protected]

Do you know that you were the only Irish person whose acquaintaince I made that night. Terrific crowd.

My mother is Irish and so was my father's mother, so that's why I felt it my patriotic and funkin' duty to do the flag stunt.

Funkiest regards to all who were there, Heather, Abd Al-Azeez and Maye - (the Saudi connection - LOL).

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