UK Tour - (Almost) Live Updates!

Added on Wednesday 07 September 2005, 22:43 (BST)

OK, lets try this....  Over the next couple of hours I am hoping to get some set list updates from the first gig of the UK tour in Birmingham (together with brief comments as the gig goes on)...

  • 20:54 BST: To start with, following a sound check early afternoon, the doors opened and the support act for the UK leg of the tour is Sony BMG group "El Presidente". 
  • 21:02 BST: The intro track was "Theme From Enter The Dragon", by Lalo Schifrin (as featured on the LateNightTales Jamiroquai album), followed by Canned Heat, then Space Cowboy...
  • 21:22 BST: Dynamite (amazing), Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993 (amazing lighting)...
  • 21:36 BST: Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Feels Just Like It Should
  • 21:51 BST: Black Devil Car, Love Blind (superb), Use The Force
  • 22:07 BST: Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Black Capricorn Day
  • 22:28 BST: Starchild, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance (amazing - best song so far), Virtual Insanity
  • 22:43 BST: Alright, Deeper Underground

This is the end of the concert, and thus the updates.  Jamiroquai played a set lasting approximately two hours consisting of 19 tracks. Superb.  If you went to this concert or are going to any others during this tour, please feel free to send in any photos you have taken for possible inclusion in the live gallery. I have to give a big thank you to MsP for being kind enough to send this information in live during the concert, especially when she was right at the very front of the standing area!

Credit: MsP (and her cell phone!)

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ahhh keep it comin

I agree Carl, just sooo wish i could be there!!!

Hi im going to MEN sat, any idea`s what the avarage set, times are?
as im wondering if i should drive or get the train?
Last train out of Manchester is around 23.10???

any idea`s???

cosmic girl, i offered u standin ticket for saturday but u declined so dont even bother tryna get for teh train thing, go to and check times there.

sorry Carl Helms, the qjump i was looking for an answer to sets? roughly how long they are???

Funny Funny??

You asked for train times.... > is a site for train times. What dont u get??

If the band come on at 8:45, I would have thought they would be finished by 10:45, but you never know. Surely you'd want to be there for the Deeper Underground finale (if that is indeed what they play last). I'm thinking the car is the way to go, just to be safe...

PS. Can we stick to the main topic please ;) Thanks.

theres no site?
and i thought you meant jump the Q,???

David, we would, but someone keeps going on about train times and q jumping.

Carl, thanx for the offer but i'd have prefered to get the tix myself. I'm only trying to make my parents get my point that they're are being unfair!!! Don't know why,but prob because i'm such a big fan, i feel really upset bout missing out on all this. As 4 u have a great time and everyone else! Heard that MEN is the best arena around so Jamiroquai would sound even better!

any one know what the support band are like?
are they a funky group like the jamiroquai boys?

Why dont u visit their site? It has their music on there, see for yourself.

I think the support band, slightly strange choice, more rock than funk.

there not be playing at the MEN though?

Well by the sounds of it there on the U.K leg of tour.

I`m going tomorrow night so we will soon see.

ive just been there website and there`s no mention of them at the MEN?

I just want to say thanks to MsP...Im sure I speak for all when I say ur input is greatly appreciated...Keep teh funk alive peeps!!!!

Jam Man: yeah, I saw that too. There was a post in the forum from a few days ago saying that they were supporting Jamiroquai, but I guess they like to keep these things a suprise at times.

Absolutely, it seems to have been a blinding set.
I still hope that he does When you gonna learn or too young to die.

Gotta say thank you to MsP too for updating us and for David to posting it up. Great setlist!!!

Go Janny P!! That gig sounds amazing! Can't wait for Saturday. Hope everyone who went to Birmingham had a wicked time.

OH MY GOD!!! they playd black devil car and loveblind! ohhh :D ohh im stoked! im dancing ! im happy! oh oh oh! :)

thanks for the updates...i have about a month and a half, but i'm excited....enjoy the gigs everyone!

Where are you going to see the band Deesha?

I`m going to Glasgow gig tomorrow and i am really excited, Hope everyone worldwide enjoys the gigs.

Finally We need a funk revival, too many guitar bands and bland R&B for my liking.

^october 21, 24, 25 --- atlantic city, new york, new york..

they do something from each album looks like...i don't know if i'll be sending these updates every few minutes (my phone isn't that high tech), but we'll send one after each concert.

THANKS TO MSP!! this concert seems amazing! so many new tunes played and great selection of old ones, one of the best in this tour, hope to see them again anywhere and hope to get records from this one


Can anyone tell me what time the NEC concert started, as I am going to Glasgow tonight and wondered how long the support bands were on for, the tickets says gates open at 7pm and finding it hard to get there for that time, so by reckoning I would say Jamiroquai will not come on until around 9pmish, can anyone confirm this.

this band is just amazing! love blind, Black devil car, and BLACK CAPRICORN DAY!!!! Just unbelievable! But there is no crosstown traffic in this show! Anyway, I hope the people had a very good time(I'm sure...). Just a question: How was BCD without horns? Good or just perfect? Thanks evrybody

I am sure they played Cosmic girl as the third song as Jay stated he had changed the setlist only on the third song ... he dedicated it to a Virgin air hostess who's birthday it was and was invited onto stage for a boogie with the band whilst they played the song.
More amazing for me was I meet Rob (harris) and Matt (johnson) whilst walking into the venue and had a brief chat with them. They seemed two really nice down to earth guys. Amazing gig!

I saw them at the NEC Birmingham last night,phenominal.Anyone who's going, your in for a treat!

fast cars, they came on stage at 8:40 and finished about 10:30,i didnt bother with the support band,decided to go to the bar instead.

WOW what can I say!! Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Jay Kay was on top form and you couldn't stop grooving away. My only moan is that he didn't play alot of his earlier stuff, but I guess times move on!! can't wait to see him again.

WOW what can I say!! Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Jay Kay was on top form and you couldn't stop grooving away. My only moan is that he didn't play alot of his earlier stuff, but I guess times move on!! can't wait to see him again.


I was there last night, what an amazing gig!!! Was well worth the months of waiting, fantastic :D

Felt the force last night in Birmingham. Amazing gig. And at least Jay Kay is still humble enough to appreciate the audience which is more than can be said for other top acts who think they are doing you a favour by just turning up. Fantastic night's entertainment.

went to the NEC concert last nite, it really was best thing on earth. absolutely fantastic, could have been maybe some oldies sung like "too young to die" but still completely loved every minute of the show, did not want it to end. and can i just say, i was wearing an old yellow t-shirt with the jamiroquai ferrari logo on from a previous tour (could have been newer, i know!) but there was hardly ANYONE wearing jamiroquai gear on. i was very disappointed. its a jamiroquai concert for jamiroquai fans so show your appreciation! maybe a note for anyone going to future concerts. you'll have a great time though to anyone who is going. have fun people!

Going to Glasgow tonight and it's going to be rockin'
5hours and counting................

:D After 2 taxis, 3 car journeys and 6 trains (YES SIX!)and a hell of a lot of running..finally home.

Last night was amazing, superb, astounding, out-of-this-world, cosmic - there aren't enough superlatives to describe it.

The support band - El Pres!ident (that's what was written on the drum kit) - Hmmm, not too sure, it's very difficult to appreciate anyone on before Jamiroquai because inside you're thinking "okay okay, this is good...but I want to hear Jamiroquai" - I'm going to try and download some songs and take a listen, will come back with unbiased opinion. I did think they really got into the performance and gave 100% and loved the images going on - beautiful girl on drums.

Sooooooo, the stage is prepared. I was amazed by the guys going up the tiny little ladders to direct the lighting - I don't think I could do that job--- although you'd get to see all the concerts - maybe it's an idea for a change of career!

Okay - better keep to the subject and not go off on a tangent dreaming about becoming a lighting "person".

The stage was set really quickly. Then comes the intro Lalo Schriffin's "Enter the Dragon" theme - brilliant choice of intro - first on stage (hopefully i don't get this wrong) Sola - dressed in a red top, Derrick, red top (looked the same as Sola's), Rob, Matt, Paul, Lorraine, Hazel and Sam...then the man himself Jay Kay...wearing bright green adidas,blue trousers and blue zip-up jacket (Heather, noted it said Slazenger on the back).

The whole performance was absolutely brilliant - Jay and the rest of the band were so focused and just gave everything they had. Great camaradarie going on between Rob and Paul.

Quality moment when Jay said that the next song was Loveblind - I jumped up and down and clapped like a loon.

The best song of the night in my opinion was (Don't) Give Hate a Chance - that was THE moment when I got totally lost in the music and the lighting. It was a goose-pimple moment - I know when it finished I turned to Heather and her face looked just totally awestruck and I think mine must have looked the same.

I thought Paul seemed more relaxed then the previous 2 UK performances - he seemed to be smiling a lot more - playwise (is that how you would describe it???) he was just as good as before, if not better!

Jay was totally on-form, he mentioned a few times how good it was to be "home" and his face said it all - there were a few huuuuuggggge smiles that were errrr..."smiles of honey gold"?!

At the risk of sounding a bit soppy, there was so much love going on at that venue last night - the audience were giving all their love to Jamiroquai and Jamiroquai were just pumping it back.

I'm absolutely shattered - my legs from knee downwards feel like I've run a marathon and my brain is ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - so hope I've given last night as much justice as it deserved - it was magnificent.

I'm so pleased my text updates came through okay! I have said that I did worry about looking like a right ignorant F***** - there I was, at the front, and every so often pulling my phone out my pocket and texting! If I'd been on stage I would have said "CAN YOU PLEASE PUT THAT PHONE AWAY ON CONCENTRATE ON US!". But at least it was all in the name of fandom!

I was just blown away by last night's lighting - there was so much going on - I assume the lighting is pre-programmed (when I'm a lighting engineer I'll know these things!) - but I would say to anyone - if you get Cosmic Girl and especially (Don't) Give Hate a Chance -- concentrate on the area behind Jay - I don't know where I went to in that song (I was totally somewhere else) - it was amazing.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Heather (Little H) and Mohammed (her hubby) - without their kindness and generosity I wouldn't have been there last night - it really was another dream come true and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. If I was a DJ and I was dedicating a song to you both now it would be Carly Simon's "The stuff that Dreams are Made of" Thank you x


I think I may have punched the wrong letters in - we had Time Won't Wait - not Travelling without Moving

MsP: i've updated the list accordingly. Thank you very much for letting me know.

does anybody know which gig the dvd will be filmed at? if there is one?

I was at the NEC last night and it really was totally awesome!
Didn't think much of El Pres!dente, or whatever they call themselves, but I thought that the dance mixes they played over the PA before and after were absolutely ace! Has anyone got any idea who's they were or how I can get hold of them, 'cus they were really cool!
Looking forward to the next NEC Jamiroquai gig!!...

Hi MsP thanx for telling us all about the gig but would u mind if u let me know how u got right to the front of the standing area and how long u had 2 que for? My email address is [email protected] Thanx.

I am going to MEN on Saturday, and i am really up for it now - after reading the posts here!

Funk On!

really looking forward 2 saturday gig!!!! should b really groovin! MEN is a great venu should b funkin good!!! hope to get near the front of standing! woo hoo!!

Thank you soooooooo much Lady Ms P ;)
I was yesterday with you at the my thoughts :D

Anybody who is going to see the band at any arena on the current tour fasten your seat belt. This is an explosive night out. At least they appreciate their fans unlike some bands I can mention. Are you online Liam & Noel?

thanks for thanks (?) everyone! I enjoyed it!

Desha - I am a "mum" with my phone, sure you can do it if I can!

Cosmic Girl - you can see how scary it was in my blog - but MEN has stairs I believe - best to carry the discussion over to

My personal feelings about last night

^okay, i'll try!

'time won't wait' live? amazing..i just know it will be amazing.

I have just came home after last night's gig at MEN. one word - UNBELIEVABLE!!

He was on form as per usual and every track was great!

btw MsP MEN Had stairs and me and the missus were at the top - pretty scary stuff!

I will try and upload some pics from the gig tommorow!

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