UK Tour - (Almost) Live Updates!

Added on Wednesday 07 September 2005, 22:43 (UTC)

OK, lets try this....  Over the next couple of hours I am hoping to get some set list updates from the first gig of the UK tour in Birmingham (together with brief comments as the gig goes on)...

  • 20:54 BST: To start with, following a sound check early afternoon, the doors opened and the support act for the UK leg of the tour is Sony BMG group "El Presidente". 
  • 21:02 BST: The intro track was "Theme From Enter The Dragon", by Lalo Schifrin (as featured on the LateNightTales Jamiroquai album), followed by Canned Heat, then Space Cowboy...
  • 21:22 BST: Dynamite (amazing), Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993 (amazing lighting)...
  • 21:36 BST: Little L, Seven Days In Sunny June, Feels Just Like It Should
  • 21:51 BST: Black Devil Car, Love Blind (superb), Use The Force
  • 22:07 BST: Love Foolosophy, Time Won't Wait, Black Capricorn Day
  • 22:28 BST: Starchild, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance (amazing - best song so far), Virtual Insanity
  • 22:43 BST: Alright, Deeper Underground

This is the end of the concert, and thus the updates.  Jamiroquai played a set lasting approximately two hours consisting of 19 tracks. Superb.  If you went to this concert or are going to any others during this tour, please feel free to send in any photos you have taken for possible inclusion in the live gallery. I have to give a big thank you to MsP for being kind enough to send this information in live during the concert, especially when she was right at the very front of the standing area!

Credit: MsP (and her cell phone!)

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