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Added on Wednesday 07 September 2005, 18:12 (BST) is linking to an exclusive pre-sale for the forthcoming Jamiroquai North American tour which runs from now until this Friday (9 September) .

Please visit for more information.

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thanks david. new york and AC tickets bought!

100 bucks poorer, and two jquai tickets richer - chicago and denver here i come! thanks for the tip david!

Anyone else having trouble getting the presale site to work?

Nevermind - I got it to work. Los Angeles, here I come! Yeah!

I m going to san francisco, and they want to charge me 4 dollars for the service plus 10 DOLLARS, i think it s too much !

Maybe I'll see you in Chi-town. I'll be there, plus NY. Peace!

I am so happy!!! I would have paid anything to see them and am so pleased that our Boston tix are only $33!!! New York ended up being $50-that's nothing these days!!! It was so easy & quick to buy-what a relief now that I have them!!!!!

miguel - its 10 bucks extra only if you select next day UPS shipping. Change that to First Class and it only costs 3.50

I can't get the link to work. When i click on buy tickets for any city, it just loops back to the screen. Am i doing something wrong, or perhaps are all the tickets gone?

try going to chicago from south texas in october. should be freakin awesome. my friend is meeting up with me from dallas. for presale go to the house of blues website. did not have many problems. just become a member for free. Hope to meet many of the jamiro crazies up there.

Steve - for some reason the link from the "News" section of (and the link from this site) does the loop back, but it should work if you use the link from the "Home" section on the bottom of the page next to a picture of Jay. You may possibly also need to turn off any popup blockers you are using.

I'm going to be flying from Seattle to the show in Las Vegas. Hope to see some of you there. Vegas baby!

Seattle to Vegas!!!!
Bout damn time we get him near the home turf.

See you there!!!

P-Town (Portland) to Vegas baby!!! Woot! Woot! In other concert news, I just got back from the Oasis concert in Seattle and it was dope!

tacoma to vegas here i come i am so damn excited!

bought tickets to the l.a. show how many people going to the los angeles. about time tthey tour around this parks.

Atlantic City - House of Blues - Jamiroquai - First US Show in over 4 years. I AM SO THERE!!! Anyone else going to the NJ Show?

Ho YA, I will most definitly be at the Atlantic City show. I got my funky hat already waiting. But how great would it be if Willis,Stuart and Toby could come on stage an join the rest of band. I would loose my mind.But anyhow I hope to see you there.

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