UK tour kicks off

Added on Wednesday 07 September 2005, 09:15 (BST)
Jay Kay - live

Tonight (Wednesday) in Birmingham, England, Jamiroquai kick off their 2005 Autumn tour.  Taking in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Cardiff and Dublin this is sure to be an awesome start to a busy few months of touring for the band.

Come back to the site later this evening where I will hopefully be putting the setlist on the site whilst the concert is taking place!

For the rest of the concerts of this tour (and the rest of the dates this year), if people want to email me the set lists, I will make sure they get put on the site.  Thanks in advance.

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OH MY GOD!!! Can't believe it! I'm seeing them on saturday and it has come so quickly!! I've been waiting ages for this gig and I'm gonna love every single minute of it! A WOO HOO!!!

Yep Im goin Saturday 2, are you standing or seated???

Saturday for me!

I'm sitting in block 114, row A, seats 5 to 10.

I'm going tonight...sooooo excited - can anyone tell me who the support band is??

I have no idea who the support is. I did hear that it may just be a DJ but only time will tell.... Have a great time at the gig.

ha!! cool!!! Saturday for me too..only Im standing!!!!!!!

I heard a DJ was playing too so your probably right David. Better get back to work now!!

Enjoy everybody! This night is the first of the 'new' Dynamite tour! Just hope that the setlist will be great with old and new songs. Jamiroquai in live, No need to say more... Bye :)

have a good time tonight!

Thanks deesha I will.....have seen the band a few times before but not for quite a while so really looking forward to it. Probably get home with a massive crush on JK - as usual..ha! ha!

ill be there tonight! cannot wait, enjoy all!!!


hello im going 28.sepember in zurich ! jupiii ! :-)

greez from basel (switzerland)

I'm seated cant remember where tho, quite close. not as close as shepherds bush tho :(
but have a top time all who are going! I'm am so excited i cant think straight or get any work done! i need to buy tickets for other gigs tho! i dont want it to be over....

Well, I just got my tickets for the Jamiroquai concert for Brisbane Australia, Its in December and I cant wait. Does any one Know if Bass player Nick is still playing?

Jaymie: check the "The Band" section of the site for the list of current band members. Nick is no longer in the band, and has been replaced by Paul Turner.

Thanks mate.
I hope he's good.

Everyone have a good time, i can't go to any of the gigs (so tight!)but i'm gonna go for definate next time round. I'll just be at home watching live in Verona wishing i could be there. Enjoy cos i know it will be great like always!

saturday gig will soon be here! yeah! so cant wait manchester will be groovin!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!!

i wanna read some reviews ok??!! I'll be offerin mine come Sunday mornin lol altho dont expect a novel, Im sure I'll be hungover from Saturdays nite out in Manchester!!!!

WOOOHOOOOO!!!! I'm going to see them tomorrow (thursday) in glasgow....can't wait!!!
I was in the supermarket today and they were playing the dynamite album! It took a lot of willpower not to start prancing about like a freak - but i had to restrain myself so as not to induce heart palpitations of horror in innocent shoppers!
Anyway, i'm so excited!!!!! (Hence the over-use of exclamation marks!)
I'd better shut up now heehee
Wishing you all jollyness and fantasticness,
glob :)

Went to the show in Birmingham on Wednesday. Amazing - you guys going to a gig are in for a real treat!

Went to the show in Birmingham on Wednesday - fantastic and I am sooooo pleased I went - still thinking about it!
Love Glob's comment about the supermarket - the times I have lingered in shops just to hear the end on the Jmairoquai track!

just got back from the manchester concert, needless to say it rocked! jay & the band absolutely on top form, been too long since they were here last. All you guys with tickets for forthcoming dates will not be disappointed! Just a shame he didnt finish with black devil car, but there is always next time!

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