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Added on Thursday 08 September 2005, 07:03 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Birmingham (UK) - 7 September 2005
The first set of fan submitted photos from Wednesday's concert are now in the live gallery, and there are also a selection of small images at the WireImage website, including two from the front row of the audience, one of which (the second image) showing MsP, the lady who provided the site with updates throughout last nights concert.
Credit: Tony Davies

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Thanks for all the people who give us the opportunity to 'be on stage' with these pictures and the review! You're all amazing! Keep the funk!!!

I saw them play the NEC last night ....BRILLIANT!! as per usual, 2 hr non stop set, Jay kay got a girl from the crowd to dance on stage with him to cosmic girl,just because it was her birthday....i wished it was mine, lucky thing !! lol

NO WAY! it's my birthday on the 23rd Sept, and I'm going to MEN on the 10th - do you think he'll ask me up?! I do blummin hope so!

Went to the NEC and have never seen Jamiroquai before even though im a big fan and it was amazing! Was well worth the money, apart from the shocking programme that was just a picture book of Jay Kay and cost £10! The actual set was fantastic from start to finish!

What a excellent set, wasn't give hate a chance superb, defo next single!!!!, and playing all 8 tracks of dynamite, time wont wait was brill, so was everyother song too:)

jay and the band are on top form, especially Derrick and Sola !!!


That was amazing, Hes so energetic its insane

Wonderful photos! Well Done!! The set was amazing and the photos do it justice.

Great photo of Little H!!!

The first time I have seen the band and they have a new fan. Excellent concert and a great live sound.
Sorry the photo's are not that clear but the digital zoom was struggling a bit!

The girl who got called on stage was stood next to us. She's called Jo and she really is a Virgin air hostess. She was there with her mum and they bribed the stewards with a bottle of vodka to get into the standing area, as they had seats right in the back block. She wrote a note and asked the stewards to pass it to Jay backstage and bobs your uncle!! I had to take pics for her as her mum didn't know how to use her camera!! If you don't ask you don't get! Wicked gig - took my 10yr old daughter and she was up for going to the front straightaway. Worth suffering slight deafness the following day due to the proximity of the speakers. He really knows how to play to the crowd - what a professional. BTW wonder who managed to get the extremely sweaty jacket he threw into the crowd at the end??? Probably ended up being torn to shreds in the rush!

There's some great photos from Birmingham at

Was at this concert in about the same place the fotos wer tuk from but on opposite block. fantastic concert would give nethink 2 go bk there!!! :'(

Jay & all the band were as wicked as ever,my friend and I made it to the gig at Shepherds Bush and we will never get so close & personal than front row of that gig! It was always going to be a hard act to follow, but we we still enjoyed our man doin his thing ! Only downer Jay you really need to consider the fans when pricing merchandise "£75 for a cotton zip up cardigan" is way of mark for fans who just want to have a memory of a great concert, even though I bought a programme I soon realised it wasn't worth the £10, was no editoral just pics taken from the album really. Oh and we did have the pleasure of a couple of fights breaking out by us in the standing area, all heavily drunk and annoying surrounding people by constantly swaggering into them, funny enough it broke out when "give hate a chance" was on I have to say no stewards appeared, probably too occupied with drinking vodka !

I was at the NEC, and although they were superb as always, the sound quality in the NEC wasn't great. That's the second concert I've been to at the NEC in a year, and it wasn't great the first time either. Contrast that with seeing the AFO tour at the MEN Arena, where the sound quality was perfect, and it makes a hell of a difference to the enjoyment of the concert. Also, I don't think it was particularly wise to string so many Dynamite tracks together, as I could sense a bit of frustration in the crowd from the fair-weather fans. Although who cares.

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