Irish Examiner interview

Added on Monday 22 August 2005, 22:17 (UTC)
Irish Examiner cover

In the Irish Examiner newspaper (Ireland), Jay was this week on the front cover of their Weekend section/magazine.  The magazine contained a two page article and interview, conducted from the grounds of Jay's manor house in Buckinghamshire, England, which he talks about in some detail...

"Owning a place like this is a serious responsibility. Mates were telling me, 'It's a home for a 60-year-old, not a guy of 27' (he acquired it in 1998)....But it was everything I'd been dreaming of and had worked for.  And so, as you see, I went for it anyway, but in a very grown-up, 'treat it as it deserves to be treated' way."

True to his word, his annual wage bill for the property is £250,000 per year.

Credit: Jenny Gavin

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