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Added on Monday 22 August 2005, 22:17 (BST)
Irish Examiner cover

In the Irish Examiner newspaper (Ireland), Jay was this week on the front cover of their Weekend section/magazine.  The magazine contained a two page article and interview, conducted from the grounds of Jay's manor house in Buckinghamshire, England, which he talks about in some detail...

"Owning a place like this is a serious responsibility. Mates were telling me, 'It's a home for a 60-year-old, not a guy of 27' (he acquired it in 1998)....But it was everything I'd been dreaming of and had worked for.  And so, as you see, I went for it anyway, but in a very grown-up, 'treat it as it deserves to be treated' way."

True to his word, his annual wage bill for the property is £250,000 per year.

Credit: Jenny Gavin

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Jay = God. How much of a role model is this guy? From signin his 1st record deal from a little flat, to living in Bucks...Good for you Jay. Good for you.

Good work Jenny!! I didn't know of any other Irish jam fans.I presume you have your tickets for the gig in september. I was suprised to see that interview in the weekend supplement as there has been little or no build up to the album release or the concert. Dave fanning did a very brief interview with Jay last week alright but that was it.

Ermmmm is this interview not exactly the same as the scotland on sunday one from a few months ago:
Oh well then it's rather interesting anyway!

Hey Fergus, thanx for the message! yup I have my tickets for September, can't wait. It was great to see a Jamiroquai article in the Examiner, I thought it was well worth sharing! I missed that interview with Dave Fanning actually....seems like we might be the only paddies in this community eh..haha

Hey Jenny, Yeah it seems to be the case. David Rowe said he rarely if ever has any contact from fans on our green shores. I am really looking forward to the concert, the last one in the point was really good so they have alot to live up to. Keep up the good work!

I totally agree, Fergus! The last gig in the point was fantastic! I'm treating myself this year and I'm going to see the Brussels gig too. It's so cool they are back on tour again, it's been so long.

You Lucky so and so!! How come you picked the Brussels date? Yeah, I agree with the time between concerts being too long but hopefully it will be worth the wait. Where are you from in Ireland?

hell this paddy aint missin the gig!!!

I'm living in Cork but I'll be relocating to Dublin next year, and u? I'm going to the Brussels gig as my boyfriend lives in Belgium! Hey Disco Dave, welcome to the paddy group! :)

I am from Cork aswell. Is there much of a time frame between the gigs?? Welcome Disco Dave to the paddy group.There must be more than the three of there?

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