Rob Harris exclusive interview

Added on Tuesday 23 August 2005, 06:41 (BST)
Rob Harris

Following on with the series of exclusive bandmember interviews at, they have just added a new interview with Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris.  The interview contains a great selection of questions, of which this is just one of them... What inspires you to write songs?

Rob: The best songs in my opinion seem to just happen. They kind of fall out of you. The easier they come, the better the song is. When we're in a writing session we can play around for hours and hours and nothings happening ,then all of a sudden you get 3 good ideas in the space of 20 minutes. Its a great feeling when you get to that point so I guess searching for that excitement is what inspires me to write a song.

The interview is online in full at and members can discuss the interview in this thread at the Jamirotalk website.

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I love him and I think he loves me... He just doesnt know it yet... ;)~

awesome interview meike and crew! these are the type of questions i like..not all about jay and stuff...good job. looking forward to reading more.

what a truly fantastic bloke! Cheers Rob!!

Hey David, just thought you might like to know that Dynamite is no.1 in the UK RnB charts : - )

This guys is awesome. I think I'll be taking a leaf from his book.

It's clear to see..with such a great band..such a music!!!

rob is great¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
is funny know he's a fan before...he start to learn the eope songs and now is part of the band¡¡¡¡¡

Rob is a great guy. It's a good insightful interview - but what a shame that they have never made a recording of Shoot The Moon. I really would love to hear that song again, and I'm sure lots of other fans would like to aswell. At lest add it to the set list every now and again.

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