Rob Harris exclusive interview

Added on Tuesday 23 August 2005, 06:41 (UTC)
Rob Harris

Following on with the series of exclusive bandmember interviews at, they have just added a new interview with Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris.  The interview contains a great selection of questions, of which this is just one of them... What inspires you to write songs?

Rob: The best songs in my opinion seem to just happen. They kind of fall out of you. The easier they come, the better the song is. When we're in a writing session we can play around for hours and hours and nothings happening ,then all of a sudden you get 3 good ideas in the space of 20 minutes. Its a great feeling when you get to that point so I guess searching for that excitement is what inspires me to write a song.

The interview is online in full at and members can discuss the interview in this thread at the Jamirotalk website.

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