SDISJ Kraak & Smaak remix download

Added on Monday 22 August 2005, 13:58 (BST)
The Napster UK music download service has available for (pay) download the Kraak & Smaak remix of Seven Days In Sunny June - a remix which is not available on any official release of the single.  iTunes (UK) looks like it will be offering a similar download as well - they are displaying a "Jamiroquai Exclusive Remix" link graphic on the iTunes Store homepage although as of earlier today it was linking through to the regular maxi CD single purchase page.
Credit: Jason Piper

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this is so bad...what happen whit the fans who dont have napster and want the remix?

Mr.Az: I'm trying to find out from Sony BMG exactly what the plans are for these download exclusives. As soon as I hear back from them, the info will be at and probably also here.

thanks so much dave, i hope seen the info soon.
good luck
and keep on the funk

And what if I have a Mac (Napster is "PC only")? If Jay or Sony don't want me to collect Jamiroquai, please ask them to let me know!

lol Ive got this remix, as a few of you regular visitors know, but unfortunately I was told not to send out the links and suchlike! I will email on request, of course

Relax, one and all. Some brilliant soul out there is going to produce a bootleg for us and if that gnaws at your conscience too much, download it and give 99 cents to charity. There's always a way.

I can't connect to Napster UK, and I don't have a credit card.
But I got the track. :D

whoa whoa!! Do I hear a mention of a bootleg!! I am just after buying a new house and just moved in and I have to make do with Dial up so downloading stuff is a no go area!! I have to wait another month for Broadband!! if anyone has a bootleg of that tune count me in as I havent heard it!!pleeeeease

I'll hound anyone I know of that does bootlegs and try to make sure we all get it. We can all help each other here.

lol did i not jus msg and say I had all the remixes and stuff? I guess you people dont pay much attention.....


soulseek is the solution!
i've just downloaded from there


In my opinion, Remix is not a good thing for a group like Jamiroquai because all their songs are just perfect(or the majority)! Cheers

i love all the jamiroquai songs but i dont understand why this remix is only in ''napster''

the new album suckkk....pse bring back stu zender and toby smith.....nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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