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Added on Sunday 21 August 2005, 22:55 (BST)

Seven Days In Sunny June today (Sunday) entered the Official UK Singles Chart at number 14.  (Just as a reminder, Feels Just Like It Should entered the singles chart at number 8).

Dynamite moved up four places in the Official UK Albums Chart to be this week at number 14.

In the Smash Hits Chart, the single moved up 11 places to number 8, and in the Hit 40 UK chart, it moved 18 places to number 12.

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14. Oh well, it may have got even higher if instead of the usual BORING remixes there were some new or live tracks across the formats. They hav`nt even bothered to stick the videos on this one or FJLIS.

Meh, it's all good. Things take time and everything else has been a smash hit so far.

Not bad!

pfft i was hopin for top 10 but watcha gunna do eh?

Most succesful second single since Cosmic Girl then right? That's good :)

yea, is in the 14 position, better than not is in none chart.
and here the band need more publicity¡¡¡¡¡¡

I think its good though top 10 would have been more pleasing. But its top 10 in the smash hits chart which i see as more representative as it includes sales, airplay and vid votes. The main losers in this is those who didn't buy it or bought something else- they're the ones missing out on such a great song!!!

Is it just me who doesn't give a preverbial about how well the song does in the charts. I know that this is an incredible tune, one of the best tunes this year. This chart means squat.....That frog shite got to number 1. The people buying singles these days are little kids who have no taste in music....akon is another example of the drivel these kids like..McFly the list is endless!!!

I totally agree.

yeh we'd said this before, the success of the song/s, altho important to a point, arent THAT important to the REAL fans of Jamiroquai. Jamiroquai will continue to live on, no matter the chart position. No band will ever lay claim to doing what Jam have done for over a decade. No-one.

Once again, I totally agree. These guys have been a smash from '93 and the evolution they've shown ever since is mind-blowing. It's their growth and their warmth that'll keep us coming back for more til the day we die, rest of the world be forsaken.

Too bloody right!! Jamiroquai are one of the finest bands around comparable to nobody!! They have been consistently grooving the globe for twelve bloody years now!! who else can compare to that?? Its cool to hear comments from real jam fans like myself. I was begining to think I was alone for a while there!

Number 14 is a disgrace :( It really annoys me how they are treated... For example, people not giving them a chance, never winning awards and I think the worst...not being asked to head up the Live 8 concert. This is a band who have been banging on about such matters since the early 90s. If Bob Geldolf doesnt like this sort of music, fine.. But he should be able to spot Jamiroquai's talent and be aware of their views etc. Criminal.

Couldn't agree more with all of you.

Jamiroquai is not a group who sell his records with one single. They make an album with identity and creativity, not an album with only one "good" song which is made for selling! Jamiroquai is a real group, not a pop group like all the million others! The one and only ladies and gentleman: JAMIROQUAI!!!

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