Jay Kay blows 75k at shops!

Added on Saturday 20 August 2005, 18:28 (BST)

In an article at the Daily Snack website (which is part of the Daily Star and Express UK newspapers), Jay recently spent 75 thousand pounds (over 130,000 US dollars) in a recent shopping trip to London store Harvey Nichols.  Part of the article reads...

Jay Kay went on a wild spending spree at London store Harvey Nichols, coughing up £75k in just four hours. And the Jamiroquai frontman proved he has stacks of style.

"He knew exactly which things worked together and which accessories went with his suits. Jay spent four hours shopping in the store. It was great and he was so lovely to staff. He signed autographs and even left one personal shopper a tip of £100."

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...thats ma boy!!

Harvey ?????

relationships with L. Victoria Harvey??????

What are you talkin about? I think uve got your wires crossed.

He wasn't buying any balaclavas was he? I seen a picture of him on holiday in Spain taken in August wearing a white balaclava while sunbathing ^_^;

That's style for ya!

Oh my god!
This man is amazing!
I want to be this personal shopper!!!

Only £100 as a tip? :)

I would like to do that some day, hopefully with him!!!! ;)

that's just insane.
and not in a good way.

wow! 130,000? i guess it's easy to judge jay and say that is a waste of money, but i'm not in that position to have that much to spend that much, so it's whatever. i think of others ways that 130,000 coulda been spent to help others, but it's his it's all good. next time jay, send some of that my way!!

If the stuff he's bought is good (and usually the stuff he wears is quiet cool)then its ok.I'm just amazed that he spent 75k!!! Thats a shed load of money! But like others have said 'go on Jay!'

I think he has a good day. :) spent € - wow - I think I woud feel very relaxt and so on.. shopping = relaying ;)
thats good for us, because when he feel good - his musik goes feel better to us. ;)

if I had money like that id be spending it on clothes too

In Anantapur (India) one school for childs 3000€. No comments ...

Well, it's not like he was just spending it on himself, either. Whazzis business with them saying he's 33? Maybe I read wrong.

I think Jay and the boyz are gods but Jay spending that much money on himself doesn't help his cause, I remember on the sleeve of eope a heart rendering piece on the uneven distribution of wealth and now he is a different guy spending all his money on cars(which pollute the environment btw) and clothes. C'mon Jay don't be givin' those paparazzi scum such an easy target. Practise what you preach man!!

Hey, just like he said, it's not like he drives all fourteen of those cars, and that's at least twelve parked in his garage that aren't polluting the environment. Besides, after growing up having absolutely nothing, I think he deserves to treat himself a little. I been there, done that, bought the shirt, and I look forward to the days when I can splurge on myself and my mum. Take a gander at the flip side, it's a little clearer there, sweetums. ^.^

Yeah, I have no problem with Jay spending his dosh on anything but he should just keep it on low low, The man has entertained me for the last 11 years and hopefully loads more but c'mon 75,000 on clothes thats a bit excessive especially in the live 8 year.

well,thats true but it´s his money and he´s working since he was 22 or 23 years old so i think he deserve spent a little time and money in himself besides why have money and work 13 years for it if you not gonna spent it? the people like me that not have that much only can imagine it but for him is a reality and it´s fair he enjoy it.

good post lola
the question is when jamiroquai gonna be a band of charity concerts...i hope the band start soon.

I agree with Iola and Mr.Az about Jamiroquai doing some charity gigs.I know any person who earns money is entitled to spend it on whatever they want but Jay(the legend that he is) has forgotten it seems about his rant on the inner sleeve of eope!! It is a really good piece if anyone hasn't read it. I just think he should make it more public about his charity work as I am in no doubt he does some sterling work. I just feel he should stick to his initial beliefs before all the fame and fortune and not contradict himself continually.

It's odd, isn't it, how we condone it because, you know, he's Jay, he's earned it, he used to be poor, blah blah blah, but seriously... How can anyone justify spending so much money on clothes? I don't care how rich a person is, clothes shouldn't be that expensive, and being so rich only makes such expensive things a "necessity". If nobody ate at expensive restaurants, there would be none. If people didn't buy expensive cars they wouldn't be made. This money could go to something a lot better. Yes, I am allowed to judge, I'm one of the fans that put that money in his pocket. Know your limits, Jay Kay!

Right on Ezbe, I agree with your sentiment completely. We are all jamiroquai fans hence our presence on this site but you cannot condone this behaviour. I thought that kind of frivolous behaviour was reserved for idiots like Britney and the misfortunate Mike tyson!!

Another thing to consider is that this "100 percent of proceeds goes to charity" is a load of bull nine times out of ten. A lot of nice, big corporations are pocketing a good bit of all this charity money people think is going to their cause. You'd have to do something TOTALLY underground and non-corporate for a charity concert to be worth its salt and with a concert every other day on this tour, I don't think its a possibility anytime soon. They're only human, folks.

And everyone seems to be omitting these two ladyfriends he was treating.

Kass I don't give a fiddlers if he was treating the pope it's still an extortionate amount of money to be wasting on unessacary things. I would imagine Jay has plenty of everything and he could have put those funds to a much better and charitable use!!!

The man's only human and unless a human is attempting to liken themself to God, they will disappoint others. Our Jay doesn't strike me as one arrogant enough to even fathom likening himself to God, so I accept it and I'm over it. What's done is done and I'm sure he'll find some fantastic way to make up for it when he hears of the outrage. I hope that those who were disappointed are human enough to accept the apology. I'm sure he'll be human enough to appreciate everyone's opinion.

If nothing else, I say we all throw something together and donate to a charity ourselves. It'd be a good way to bring the Funkin' community together and would be some good Karma for us. Hopefully it'd set a good example, as well.

I know I might be coming across as holier than thou and I apologise for that and he is a great inspiration to us all to keep trying and we will achieve our goals.I just think he should make it more public about his charitable side and it would make him more endearing to the public!

There's a thin line between EOPE and Dynamite.... turns out this line is MONEY.

Totally contradictional.

i need to say i love the cars like jay kay but i cant buy cars like him...yea, he's not wrong if he want buy a new car between the years, but i think the band maybe can start to play charity concerts soon.
i understand the car passion but i think u can make the charity and the passion one thing like a race for charity, sometin like that, a show in races for charity...good luck jay, and i hope the band start the ''charity shows'' and the ''cars charity races'' soon
peace and funk

mmmmmmmmmmm..........Harvey Nichols, i thought he was a Harrods guy ( more hats!!!)

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