Jamiroquai and their W800i Walkman phones

Added on Saturday 20 August 2005, 11:03 (BST)

Russian website has a couple of photos of Jamiroquai at the press conference held on 11 August in London to launch the new Sony Ericsson mobile phone.

Credit: David Magradze

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It´s the new technology... but we living in.

we don't have those type of phones here.
awww..look at the boys. they are phenomenal.

That things looks tronking awesome. It's orange, too! I've still only got an LG, but it's not like I look into that sort of thing very often. They're rather expensive and I've got massage school to pay for.

saludos desde mexico

7 days in sunny june is the best jk tune since space cowbay & to young to die.bless

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