Rolling Stone magazine interview (Australia)

Added on Friday 19 August 2005, 08:59 (BST)
Jay Kay has been interviewed by Ian Watson of Rolling Stone magazine in Australia. The article appeared in the August issue of Rolling Stone on page 114. In the interview Jay talks about his cocaine addiction, his passion for music and if he is ready to settle to sit down and have kids.
Credit: Stuart Birkbeck

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Oh rad!

jk in aussie ish on r.s

is anyone else sick of hearing the same questions being asked of Jay by idiot reporters who know nothing about him or the band???? every interview is the exact same!"!

i haven't interviewed them YET, but as a reporter, i can say that 75% of the time, the questions being asked are controlled by the reporters the editors, etc. also realize that a magazine like rolling stone wants to sell, sell, sell. they want to put things in the magazine that are going to intrigue people and/or things that are going to lure people in. you know how many girls will buy this magazine simply because they want to find out about jay and his settling down? if you want intelligent reporting with quality questions, you have to seek out independent magazines, etc. plus, any press is good press. to discuss this anymore, email me [email protected] don't want to make this a huge discussion on here.

exactly, in the magazine there always the same things and read that and just like:yeah yeah yeah all these i already know give me something new. thank god in got the ask jay a question and we can ask real questions

I had the chance to read an interview published in a spanish magazine..I'm still shocked with the answer which Jay's supposed to have given..I'll try to get a link and post it to David..I really it is not true at all what Jay says there..

I think the reports about jamiroquai are very bad because the critics of music are very bad to. They don´t know enougth the band and write thinks non sense.

The majority reports are about the life of jay, his manor, his partys, his cars, his girls... but almost never over his music, evolution, and good "savoir faire" of all the band.

Is very worry see as the people not know jamiroquai well can made an mistaken idea of the band and their work.

Ever noticed that the media never likes the legends while they are alive anyway? Look at Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury and Jimi Hendrix to name a few...all but ignored by the media when they were in their prime...

The music is the better drug!!!!!!!

No cocain, no drugs.

Peace, love and life!!!!!

Well, in some cases, any publicity is good publicity and I think Jamiroquai has stood the test of time. They've obviously evolved, they have their following, and they're still having fun. That's what counts.

Too bad the U.S. version doesn't give a rat ass about the band! Damn!

Shyeah. It'd be some coolness if somebody'd scan it and slap it up for us. ^.^

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