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Added on Monday 15 August 2005, 13:56 (BST)

With US activity surrounding Jamiroquai starting to appear prior to the 20 September release of Dynamite, recently posted online the following review of Feels Just Like It Should:

If you're one of the "fans" that jumped on the Jamiroquai bandwagon after smash "Virtual Insanity," then the act's latest single might come as a big surprise. As a classic rock-tinged guitar kicks off, it's obvious that this is nothing like the futuristic, soul-infused single that catapulted the Brits into MTV land; or 2001's disco-saturated "Canned Heat," which provided the soundtrack for the memorable dance scene in last year's "Napoleon Dynamite" flick. But as Jay Kay croons about the blissful sensations that go along with being in love, true fans will realize that though the sound is a little different, no one else could feel this kind of funk except Jay Kay and his grooving cohorts.

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i get to review the album when they come to the states for the local newspaper i work for. being a journalist has its perks (sometimes)! i can't wait. i think i have a responsibility to talk more about the band, and not just jay. if they come to the area, i'm going to try and get an interview published. i wish they would hurry up and announce the dates, so i can plan my 3 week road trip.

his earlier music is not 'nothing like' FJLIS, they are very different, but they are only comparing it to two songs...

yep.if u listen to all the albums on order the musical genres and influences vary greatly!listen to Emergency. and its politcal charged jazz,Travelling. and Return. are more soulfull,slower records,even sometimes tribal sounds,whilst Synkronised Funk Oydessy and Dynamite are disco funk


Yeah, the US publicity machine is so great that they got the date wrong on "Canned Heat." Good grief.

" his earlier music is not 'nothing like' FJLIS, they are very different, but they are only comparing it to two songs..."

Well virtual insanity and canned heat are the only hits that they had in the US. fjlis might be there next hit but not sure about that since radios and music channel overthere rarely play any jamiroquai song.

As Jami fan fo 12 years, I say that it would be pity if FJLIS becomes their next hit in US. This song is disaster and I reallt don't want it to be associated with Jami as Virt Ins or Canned Heat does. Take Starchils, Seven days, Love blind, Tallulah...any of these are more or less decent offsprings of what an ancestors! Why there is no Time Won't Wait on US release? I'm sure US listeners will like it more than FJLIS.

David (from Georgia): check the website - it lists Time Won't Wait as being on the US release.

Well, good comment: Jamiroquaii evolve and "change" their sound but stay always the best! I hope they will be on tour in America soon, in the Us and in Latin America. They have so much fans around the world. Bye funkers!!!
(Ps: I notice that we have now two Funkadelic in this "forum". Funny!!!) Cheers

didnt canned heat and synkronized come out in 1999? funny thing is, they mentioned a "disco-laden 20001 canned heat"...if they simply put little L in there, they'd hit the nail on the head and drive that sucker flat.

good news tho. Viva le Jamiroquai

Justin Wagner from North Telford AllStars

...At the current state of music in the U.S. anything coming from Jamiroquai is great!!!!....I love FJLS it has a heavy groove to it....I really believe this song will get ALOT of attention!! ..because ...well the most popular songs here right now are the loud southern) rnb..and some rock..(think...Gwen's Hollaback girl) it will be one of their best( and overplayed) in the U.S. everything else will fall into place after FJLS...Im only guessing... but i think thats what will happen... maybe im being too optimistic? no usually right on my guesses (when concerning music). and this one is a given. :o)

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