PGA Tour golf Feels Just Like It Should

Added on Monday 15 August 2005, 14:05 (BST)

During this past weekends CBS television broadcast of the PGA Tour golf Major competition in Springfield (USA), whilst showing a video montage of Tiger Woods' greatest moments of 2005, the music that played throughout this clip was Feels Just Like It Should.

At last, the US marketing and publicity machine is starting to make an impact - this is great news.

Credit: Terrence Brisbon

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Dod anybody else notice FJLIS on the Big Brother Final as well?

I think it;s great that the song is finally getting the publivity it deserves, it sounds great with all these adverts!


now that's what's up.

Darnit, I missed that! Maybe I can find it on the CBS sites? I'll go look now...I should hear FJLIS on US radio very soon.

is good know the PGA tour have jamiroquai really great for all the fans and the difussion of the first dynamite single.
thanks for the news, i feel happy.

How about "The Kids" on Bad Lads Army?

I remember hearing FJLIS at the begining of the programme for the Britsh Grand Prix on ITV as well.

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