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Added on Sunday 14 August 2005, 17:36 (BST)

In the Official UK Albums Chart revealed today (Sunday), Dynamite climbed eight places to number 18.  For information, the weekly chart run since release is as follows: 3, 5, 17, 22, 25, 25, 26, 18.

In the Hit 40 UK chart, Seven Days In Sunny June climbed one place to number 30, which is based entirely on airplay of the single (as the physical CD is not released until tomorrow).

Feels Just Like It Should dropped to number 78 in the Official UK Singles Chart.

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Great to see the album is climbing up the chart- SDISJ is really helping get the album all the promotion needed. Although i feel the album would have done even better if SDISJ was the 1st single, my mind was made up about buyin the alb way before, like most die-hard fans may have. Now SDISJ can convince those who weren't convinced to buy the alb when they heard FJLIS to but it!!!!!!!!! And all the best for the chart position for SDISJ- everyone go out and buy it even if you've already got it off the alb-i'm going to for definate!!!!!!!!!!!

i wouldnt go to the extreme of buying a new ald cosmic girl lol, but i'm trying to get all my friends to buy it, so we can have it back in the top ten! whos with me! tell all your friends to buy the album and raise it's chart position

EVERYONE go buy SDISJ, get everyone you know to buy it!!! Its damned important this song makes a HUGE impact in the charts on its full release..IM DESPERATE TO SEE IT DO WELL!!!!!!

I'm not considering to buy the alb again although if a special edition came out of Dynamite, like with A Funk Odyssey i may do. I'm going to get the single though 2morrow to get that in the top 10(both CD1 and 2 tell me i'm mad!) as there's loads of tough competion out there. But hopefully these pre-release chart positions are predicting a high chart position for the single, SDISJ. Everyone should try to do the same to- at least one copy of the single! And asking my friends to buy the alb is very unlikely to work- my friends that is, don't know why they don't like Jamiroquai, nowt wrong is there?!!!

Cosmic Girl, theres nothing wrong with buyin both cd's of SDISJ...most diehard fans like us do it - maybe new fans like Michelle shud do it 2? Anyway, the more CD sales, the more radio play, the more hype, THE BETTER!!!!

If you only buy one of the releases, I say go for the Maxi CD release with the superb Blackbeard remix on it. As for the 2 track CD, the Steve Mac Remix Radio Edit is a great short edit of this great remix.

i think jay was right 2 realease Fjlis az the 1st single because it got the attetion of everyone who heard it!even if they hated it they would still av it in there heads and maybe decide they like was the kind of 'back with a bang' jay needed


i agree with stillness, cos dats how come i wanted to find out more about jamiroquai, the tune got stuck in my head! and i agree with you to carl, lets statr a new wave of jamiroquai fans! i'va already rallied up a few of my friends!

I got the single with the free poster off the jamiroquai store. I do wonder why the band decided to release the single now? It was sunny in june for at least seven days! I'm sure it would have got to No.1 then but I'm still hoping that it will get to number one now. Theres one really good remix on the singles cd, not as good as some remixes but still good, so go buy the single for that!

Lets make it No1!

Yeah i remember it was sunny for round abouts 2 weeks while i was stuck inside revising for exams, round abouts when Dynamite was released. But remember that no one was able to knock the Crazy Frog off No.1 back then and its impossible to get that James Blunt off No.1 now. But there's no harm in tryin- a Top 5 hit would be great!!!

SDISJ is finally here! as i pre order my single it came on saturday was well pleased bein playin it all wkend!! has fab remixes!!!! heres hopin it will reach no 1!!!

ok so heres wot Ive done : Ive txted EVERYONE I can on my phone and said "Hey! Can ya do me a favour today and buy me SDISJ? Its jus that I cant get into town :-(, I'll pay ya back this week, I cant get out of the house cos Im unwell!!" ...Lame I know[!] but when everyones bought it and wants 2 give me it Im going 2 be like "oh someone else bought me it!, but you might aswell keep it, it only cost a few quid and its a good song!" ..Chances are for the few quid they paid they'll prob jus keep it [fingers x'd] I'll let you know how many people I got to buy it!

finally the album is climbing up!!!
thank you "seven days in sunny june"!

the alb is just finally getting the full attention it deserves, and so is SDISJ. THANK THE GODS FOR THAT! i mean come on! do the words 'it's about bloody well time' spring to any one elses minds? lol

I got away with 4 extra cd sales!!! YAY!!! Btw the single is amazin!!!!

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