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Added on Wednesday 03 August 2005, 11:38 (BST)

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Would you like to ask Jay a question? If so, then here is the place to do it. would like you, the fans, to think of a question to ask Jay Kay. If you post your question(s) at the Jam Party People Forum, together with your first name and where you live in the world, we'll ask Jay to answer some of them in a few weeks time and put his answers back on the site. This is a unique opportunity to ask Jay a question about (almost) anything! - the music, the cars, the hats... so what are you waiting for.

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Great news! If I could post a question, I will tell him: PLEASE Mister Jason Kay, Bring back the horns!!!( I know you always in love with their sound and feelings) Funk all over the world!!! Cheers.

I would ask... which is your favourite car to drive?

OMG this is so unfair, u have to be a member to post a question!

Oooh I got a lot of questiosn to ask

When are you coming to the states?

i asked when will jamiroquai release a live album!!?

Where the F*CK is the didgeridoo ?


De quem foi a iniciativa desse trabalho ? Se foi de JK, qual o objetvo dele ? Sera uma compensação, por ele ter notado como sua música esta trazendo alegria para tantas pessoas, inclusise para ele ?


it is easier to ubderstand what you are saying if it is in english...

Ok. Sorry !
Whose is the initiative of that work ?
Is it of JK? Which his objective?
Will the compensation be, does him to verify that this music and his performance go are bringing happiness alone many people, besides him goes ?

Sorry my little english...

at least we know what you mean now, it's not perfectly clear, but understandable :)

Will u b releasing another live dvd, can we have a live album, the band sounds great live, its polished and real, well done, glad u got it together, enjoy the tour, when u aiming to play the south east love to have a social...take care S n P

On your tour, you guys come to many great cities and interesting places like Rome, Paris or Majorca. Do you have something like a tourist-programm when there is some extra-time? And what keeps in your memory when you leave a city? See you in Düsseldorf!

Please, play "Mr. Moon" at the concert in Frankfurt(Germany)....I will come with my 63 old mother....She is a big fan of jamiroquai and likes jay`s dancing....


Hey Jay
Are you planning on doing another gig in Dubai? The last time you were here did you get a chance to go around and check it out? Also, you say you want a partner in life but you also say you don't want to get married, so does this mean you are a man who does not beleive in the constitution of marriage?

hey, is jay reading questions we put in here to, becuase people keep asking them... it's very confusing!

Only questions at the forum at will be given to Jay. If you've got a question to ask, post it at - not here.

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