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Added on Wednesday 03 August 2005, 11:42 (BST)

On the BBC Radio 1 "Essential Mix" show on Saturday night, DJ Pete Tong played the "I Love My 303 Mix" of Seven Days In Sunny June.  The Radio 1 website has a full tracklisting from the broadcast together with a link to listen to the show (which will be available until Sunday 7 August).

Credit: Martin Rowe

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Does somebody knows in wich minute is played the remix of Seven Days?

about 15 mm

this is a classic remix, a classic club track, the atmosphere was excelllent, everyone went mad when i came on !!!!

any ideas why the remix is called "I love my 303"

great mix, looking forward to buying it

I believe the 303 is a "Roland TB-303" device, which was the backbone of many acid-house tracks. More information on 303's can be found at

thanks for that david, all makes sense now

I like the unusual remix names!


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