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According to the official site, Jamiroquai will be on Top Of The Pops (UK), this Sunday (7 August) on BBC2 at 19:00 performing Seven Days In Sunny June.

For info, the performance was recorded in May of this year when the band recorded two tracks for TOTP (Feels Just Like It Should and Seven Days). 

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I can' wait, they are SO much better live, who agrees with me? p.s. love blind for 4th single!

Agree with you Michelle!!! Jamiroquai are perfect on their records and more than perfect in live. Anyway, in my opinion, Dynamite will be the 4th single(look at the playlist on the official site).Cheers!!!

I was hoping that Starchild would be the 4th single, as it was bonzer live on CDUK.

wat does 'they were bonzer' mean, wat part of the world r u from???

I can't wait either for the live performance- got so excited when i heard bout it on the end of TOTP last week!!!!! The live versh on Jools Holland show was great but i would have prefered for Jamiroquai to come live in that this performance was recorded 2 monthes ago. Would love to see Jay in another of his hats- they get better and better each time!!!!!!

The part of the World where people talk and type in an ordinary fashion and don't use ridiculous text language and punctuation.

wow chilllllll... i guess Michelle was simply asking about your country or nationality, I would love to know what BONZER means too.... do not take it that way...

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