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Added on Sunday 31 July 2005, 21:13 (BST)

In the Official UK Albums chart, Dynamite remained at number 25 - the first week since release that it has not dropped down the chart.  Hopefully with the release of Seven Days In Sunny June in two weeks time the album will move back up the chart a little.

In the singles chart, Feels Just Like It Should dropped two places to number 71. 

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this only proves that "feels just like it should"was a huge mistake,that should never been released!!!!the worst song on the album!

Well said Ivan, in fact I think "Seven Days" should have been the first release. Apart from being IMO, the best track on the album, it would have been a good release for the time.

Well, as for me the charts position is not well important. I was a little bit affraid before Dynamite released, but now I've got this wonderful album in my hands and It's great! Concerning FJLIS, you're right, It's not the good choice for a first single but It's a bold song, different from all the others we can listen to the radio stations and that's why Jamiroquai is(are?) soooo unique. Still the same but always different!!! Cheers

who gives a damn about chart positions?at the end of the day,it's all about opinions...personally,i say bring on more stuff like 'FJLIS'.'SDISJ' is superb & summery,but more harder edgy lowdown & funky stuff pleeeze...thats jamiroquai at thir best...'Just Another Story'...need i say more?FUNK...OUT...

It was a no-win situation. If Starchild, Dynamite, Give Hate A Chance or any of the "obvious" singles had been released, then the whole album would have been subject to some unfair reviews, saying that all their songs sound the same, etc. When Feels Just Like It Should was released, it was well received by listeners, BUT it had little airplay and support, then there were more unfair reviews. But it was a challenging single, and still got a top 10. Personally, I think that Loveblind could have been that challenging single- it sounds as if it's 2 tunes making one interesting song, and it could have produced some good remixes. When the UK tour starts, they MUST play more songs from Dynamite. The songs mentioned here would sell that album, and are better suited to a concert. Seven Days In Sunny June is one of the best on the album too, and it would be cool if it goes top 10.

Stuart Zender, where are you when the world needs you? Where has Jamiroquai gone since you went? And will it ever be the same again?

personally I think that 'feels just like it should' is such a bold groovin tune that it stands out! who cares about the chart its the jamiroquai fans that matter! Dynamite is a new fresh look and feel to jamiroquai which is fab! uk gigs should be funkin groovin!

i like both, and ivan? you know the only reason i know that jamiroquai exist (and are THE best band ever) is because i heard that song and liked it so much, so it can't be that bad!

michelle its not a bad song,but for me its the worst on the album,and i think that it shouldnt be the first single!!i am hoping for "black devil car" to be a single!!

me too! i think it's the second best, after hot tequila brown

In my opinion it doesn't matter about the chart positions- it's us the hardcore fans who matter and the band tries to please us, not to sell as many records as possible by doing the same stuff as some do i.e Coldplay. That's why there was a change in direction with FJLIS. And any true musician will try to experiment and be inventive and that's what Jamiroquai do and that's why we love them so much!

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