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Added on Sunday 31 July 2005, 08:42 (BST)
Here is the setlist for the concert held on Friday night in Toledo, Spain:
  • Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Starchild, Dynamite, Butterfly, Feels Just Like It Should, High Times, Seven Days In Sunny June, Use the Force, Give Hate A Chance, Love Foolosophy, Alright and Deeper Underground
...and for comparison, this is the list of tracks printed on the paper setlist that each performer had attached to the stage:
  • Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Revolution 1993, Little L, Mr. Moon, Dynamite, High Times, Feels Just Like It Should, Give Hate A Chance, Use The Force, Love Foolosophy, Seven Days In Sunny June, Virtual Insanity, Alright and Deeper Underground
Credit: Lola Caballero and Rafa Jaen

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Hi my friends. A great and amazing concert in Toledo. All the band very nice whit the public and specialy whit we, the greats fans locateds at the first line.


Starchild is not foresee in the paper, but rauloquai (a graet fan) request to jay in a poster "please, Starchils" and jay say to de band "Play Starchild"

(I like so much this tune)

Now Jamiroquai become an interactive group! If you want a song, you must tell us with a poster or a T-Shirt! Please Jamiroquai, Play Shoot The Moon one more time :) :) :) Bye everybody! PS: David, It's a great idea(as usual) to add a comment section to your site. Nice work!

:| they are making the gig much more shorts!

:x damn it

Oops it's getting so so close! I will enjoy them in Vitoria this next wednesday..and I will ask them to play Virtual fav song ever..went to a concert before and they did not play it ;o(((

About the setlist changes, I was talking to Paul Turner (the new bassist) after the gig in Golf Juan and he said they had been rehersing 50 different songs and that the printed setlist is only a guide. What ends up being played really depends on how Jay is feeling.

Great concert. I was jumping and dancing all night long :-) People liked a lot the classical songs and weren't so involved with the new ones. Maybe "Butterfly" was a little long IMHO. Ah! And they played only "Deeper Underground" as a bonus song. Too short for me, I'd have liked they played more songs... Don't know how long the gig was, but, indeed, too short if you love jamiroquai ;-)

In my opinion, this gig was better than Festimad 2002... But nothing compares to Montreaux 1995. That one rocked!! (wish I could have been there)

Greetings to all jamiro fans :-)

Yo estuve en el Benidorm Music Meeting y vi por primera vez a Jamiroquai en directo.
Ha sido una experiencia unica e inolvidable en mi vida. El grupo consiguió trasnmitir sensaciones y crear un ambiente indescriptible.
Ahora el Space Cowboy guia cada uno de mis pasos.
Besos para todos

I was at Toledo that glorious night in July.It was very special 4 me.It was "my first time" and i hope it will not be the last.Great sound from a spectacular band and Jay was very accurate in his comments.I think that,although it is hard to forget that you're a superstar he tries to be near the people in acts and thoughts.Long life to Jamiroquai!!

Great show at, power and soul displayed and shared with the crowd. By the way I would like to thank to all the Sound crew for their outstanding job: pure and clear "cristal" sound...really amazing.Peace!!

I have a question. There are a lot of rumors in Spain about Jay K´s playback. Is That true?. I was in the Toledo Show and I didn´t feel that.

Thank you all.

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