SDISJ added to Radio 1 "A" playlist

Added on Thursday 28 July 2005, 21:38 (BST)

Seven Days In Sunny June has today (Thursday) been added to the BBC Radio 1 "A" playlist.  Tracks on the "A" list get played around 24 times during the following week.

Feels Just Like It Should was added to the "A" playlist back in May, and remained there until 7 July when it dropped from the playlist and was replaced by Seven Days, which was added to the "C" playlist.

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it's great to see seven days in the radio 1 a list, despite it being a great tune, i have a feeling that it will be underated in chart like love foolosphy (charted at #16) but that fact that radio 1 "A" list tracks get played around 24 times during the following week hopefully it will get enough publicity to get a well deserved top ten position in the chart

I'm hoping that the single will also make it onto the BBC Radio 2 playlist, as I think this is the radio-friendly track that will help push album sales to a wider audience. It's not there yet (even on the "C" list), but maybe next week...

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