Dynamite new US artwork

Added on Thursday 28 July 2005, 06:08 (BST)
Dynamite US artwork

The forthcoming US retail release of Dynamite looks like it will have new artwork - featuring the buffalo man!

The new design is shown both on the Official US website ( and also in an email they sent to subscribers of their mailing list a few hours ago. 

An iTunes exclusive download of Dynamite is currently available in the US, with the retail release expected on 20 September. 

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Some news about the track list?

Here, in Chile, we have a 11 tracks album, with the same English artwork....the disc was released about a month ago....

In the US iTunes store has 12 has Time Won't Wait...

Here's my edition:

I wanted the new album got some feature like the AFO album. In Chile, AFO album got an special membership card. About the US release, I heard time ago it'll be held in 2 discs -is it true?-, so I missed the buffalo man on the artwork and this make me feel very glad!

That's how the cover should have looked like on the European release!


I haven't heard anything over here in America about a double-disc for Dynamite...all I've read is that it will be released on CD and Dualdisc formats (one disc with one side for the audio and one side for DVD videos).

Great cover! Buffalo man is back!!!

that cover is so much better than the european one!

still not convinced about the European art covert, when I saw the American one, it feels like Jay Kay never ever grow up, old out of the same logo... I understands it sepaks up for it self, but wait a milnute, work for the covers of CDs, I would have loved to see the Buffalo like dynamite, about to explode.... something like that!

better cover - and hopefully they DO tour this time instead of just giving it lip service. the funk, and buffalo man is back!

yeh im glad they have the buffalo man on the cover :) havent seen it since synk!

The US iTunes Music Store still shows the original Dynamite cover.

I'm glad to see the buffalo again, but that design is quite simple, I can do the same effect with WordArt...

I'm still in shock at this outrageous miscarriage of justice! This artwork is millions of times better than the European artwork! Just what has happened? What did we do to deserve this?!!!!!!!

me parece genial el cover del album ya era hora d ke regresara una portada kon buffalo man y por cierto es verdad que el album de eua vendra con dvd? [email protected]

where r u from Julio??? de donde eres_???

Hopefully by October or even next year tehy will land in South America!!!!!!

NOT CONVINCED AT ALL! I mean, I'm glad to have the buffalo man back, but that artwork is so simple and boring! as if they did it at the last minute on the MS Office Word!! XDDD
Next time they sould make a competition for the artwork design ;P

Although simple, it is better than the UK/European cover - I think the US cover would be even nicer if the buffalo man print had a metallic gold style ink on it so it would shimmer. Where's that Miami artwork got to aswell?!

Oh my God.. I sooo agree with Dr. J ... what have we done to deserve this !! The American artwork is wayyy better than the European version.. that I already purchased :'(

The awesome US cover is penance by Sony for mistreating the American fanbase for so many years. It's bad enough we have to wait 3 more months for the proper CD release.

it looks tacky... the miami photoshoot pics were so much better

How many tracks will the US version of Dynamite have???

Dear Syman27, on the official website, Us version of Dynamite is mentionned with twelve tracks, including Time Won't Wait! If you are american, you are so lucky to be able to obtain soon a "complete" album. Hope you'll like it!!! Cheers

I agree with "gonzo uruguay"...that's my ideal artwork for the Dynamite album. However, this artwork is way better than the European version. I insist on gonzo uruguay's ideal artwork...I was thinking of this since I knew the name of the CD months ago...this would have become a reality!!! I support your idea "gonzo uruguay" ... [email protected]

actually, i think that the euro version is better. north america is the last great frontier for jamiroquai...and they drop an album cover like this?

i'm glad to see the buffalo man back on the cover. it makes me think about what jamiroquai was all about when they first came on the scene in 1993. Funk music with a message. all of their great early albums had the buff man on them, and they didn't sound like the euro trash dance music they are starting to turn into. but, heck, i'll still give dynamite a chance

The Buffalo Man is Back! I have the European Version, BUT I will definately buy the US album as well!

Muuuuch better. I have Euro release and took booklet away. It's so cheesy. Not a single pictore of other bang members. C'mon! US cover is way better.

Yea, but pics of the gorgues jk are better than all the other band members put together, but the US 1 is better david

Uh! Just Buffalo style... Like our favourite firs 3 albums... Maybe mean something..?

bueno creo q rula le gusta dick!!

que te pasa dick de ake... oye este dick le ponia a ortinelli love foolosophy.....(pal pico (ascap))

It's ALL about the buffalo man. Great to see it get its much-deserved exposure again.

I just had a friend of mine return from the UK and he purchaes the new cd for me....OMIGOD, THIS CD IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!
Jay's singing is better than ever and the band is really live and refreshed. I love the album cover for the North America release and I am sure this band will rock the USA - we need some new music here...finally!!!!!!

I can´t believe it´s true!!!
They´ve got a better artwork AND
they will get Time won´t wait!!!
It´s the best song on the album and we don´t get it!!!

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