Mallorca concert

Added on Thursday 28 July 2005, 22:12 (BST)

On Wednesday night Jamiroquai entertained the crowds at the Plaza de Toros in Palma de Majorca (Spain).  The setlist (shown on the live page) included (Don't) Give Hate A Chance, which I believe could be the first time that this song has been played on the current tour. [update: the song was played first in Lucca on 15 July. Thanks to Milly for the information. ]

In addition to a report at the Diario de Mallorca website, some photos from the concert are now in the Gallery section of the site.

Credit: Bito Roka, Pau Bosch

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(Don't) give hate a chance was performed at Lucca on 15th August. Jay introduced the song by saying it was the first time they were playing it live. BTW does anybody have the setlist from Lucca? It was an incredible gig.

Milly, thank you very much for telling everyone about this. I have now updated the news item.

I would also love to know the setlist from Lucca. Can anyone help?

last monday i was in palma in club Pacha en quess who was there :D i gave him a hand and he asked me where i was from, i said holland, and he mentioned amsterdam, he told me i was lucky not living in germany cause people are to stiff there :P (he was a bit drunk though :P) funny to see the guy there

greetz from holland

I tink i could help you with the setlist of lucca.
the girl that went with me to mallorca got the set list

and is a large one!!

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