Q&A with Rob Harris

Added on Thursday 19 May 2005, 21:28 (UTC)
Rob Harris, 17 May 2005 - photo: David Rowe

In the "Rob Harris, The Greatest Funkster!!!" thread at the official site forum, Rob has recently posted a couple of messages, with the most recent one, posted on 14 May providing a great insight into his influences, and what else he does when he's not working with Jamiroquai.  Here are just a couple of quotes from the post, which is online in full at

"As yet I don't have any plans for my own album however I do still work on my own projects (writing and dabbling with production) so I will be putting tunes on my website when its up and running. It'll probably be things I’m working on or maybe snippets of things I’ve done for other people. Hopefully I’ll get the guys in the band to do some stuff while we're on the road on my laptop which I’ll put on the site. I love the idea that you can be sat in a hotel room writing and recording then you can immediately get it out so people can hear over the net."

"I'm a Beatles nut. love them to bits. I also love the early Jackson albums, Earth Wind and Fire, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Prince (fantastic guitar player), Chic. There's just sooooo much amazing stuff to listen too out there. I listen to so many different styles of music and by doing that you kind of draw out different sounds that you can drag into other styles. mix and match if you know what I mean."

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