1. Does Jamiroquai have an official web site?
  2. What about J's Joint?
  3. Do any of the band members have web sites?
  4. Are there any Jamiroquai fan sites?
  5. What happened to (the old)
  6. Is there a Jamiroquai mailing list?
  7. Is there a Jamiroquai IRC channel?
  8. Is there a Jamiroquai newsgroup?

Does Jamiroquai have an official web site?

Since the release of Travelling Without Moving in 1996, Sony has maintained a super-slick UK site dedicated to Jamiroquai at Normally a new version of the official site is launched with each album.

In 2001 prior to the release of A Funk Odyssey, a new version of the site was launched, this time with the band having more control over the content (previously the official sites were all run and managed by Sony).

As of 2005, the site URL has changed from to although the old URL is still used on releases.

On 18 April 2005, the official site relaunched to coincide with the official world radio premiere of the first single from Dynamite - Feels Just Like It Should. The site was designed by UK creative agency Holler.

In December 2007 the site relaunched again with a new design - this time promoting social networking and content sharing.

Last updated 17 February 2008.

What about J's Joint?

J's Joint is Jamiroquai's old official site which opened its doors on 19th June 1995 and closed in February 1997. According to the HyperMedia Research Centre (HRC), the former home of J's Joint, "Our relationship with Sony S2 has ended and we have pulled the plug. After nearly two years of fun with Jamiroquai the band has moved on." Let's hope they can still be friends.

Do any of the band members have web sites?

Yes, in January 2002, Sola Akingbola launched his own personal site, at

The second band member to go online was Rob Harris, who launched in September 2005.

In September 2008 Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie opened the doors to his own website at

Last updated 11 April 2009.

Are there any Jamiroquai fan sites?

Jamiroquai is well represented on the Internet with a wide range of fan sites, with one of the most popular being In addition, there are categories for Jamiroquai sites at the Yahoo! and Google search engines. maintains a links page which has details of many Jamiroquai web sites, both official and unofficial.

Last updated 21 December 2003.

What happened to (the old) was an unofficial site that was online for many years in the late 90's and early 00's. After a dispute over copyright of the name, the domain is now owned by Jamiroquai Ltd.

As of 2005, is now being use by Jamiroquai/Sony as the main URL for the official Jamiroquai web site.

Last updated 30 January 2005.

Is there a Jamiroquai mailing list?

Yes, funny you should ask. Originally set up by Adam Spitzer in February 1997, "Jamline", the unofficial Jamiroquai mailing list was passed onto Nik Hunt, and then more recently David Rowe.

There are two parts to Jamline, an un-moderated standard mailing list where (almost) anything goes and a newsletter, in which a semi-regular comprehensive roundup of Jamiroquai news is sent out to subscribers.

For detailed mailing list information, take a look at the Jamline Yahoo! Group website.

Last updated 23 April 2008.

Is there a Jamiroquai IRC channel?

Yes. On the Undernet network, there is a channel called #jamiroquai. If all this sounds a bit confusing, please read on.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a multi user implementation of the rudimentary 'talk' program. On IRC, several persons can simultaneously participate in a discussion a particular 'channel', or channels. All conversations take place in real time, with people from all corners of the world talking about all kinds of subject.

Keira Vallejo registered this channel in December 1996 " a forum for Jamiroquai fans to discuss the group and their music, since there doesn't appear to be a WWW place to chat in REAL-TIME." The channel is now owned and managed by Blaz Kavcic.

As for connecting to IRC, your system will require IRC client software, of which a major repository of such programs can be found at Once you have the software up and running, all you need to do is connect to an Undernet server and join the channel #jamiroquai.

Last updated 23 April 2008.

Is there a Jamiroquai newsgroup?

Yes, as a matter of fact, in February '97, JP Jones created Don't expect too much traffic there though!

The newsgroup can be viewed over the web using Google Groups.