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Added on Monday 07 May 2007, 20:56 (BST)
Backing singer Samantha Smith, who sung with the band during the Dynamite era is no longer working with Jamiroquai and for those interested, is currently working at Euro Disney in Paris, France, where she performs in The Legend Of The Lion King show.

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I wish Sam all the best of health and happiness in her new path. I can never thank her enough for her input to Jamiroquai, and for her personal interest and kind manner. It was an honour and joy for me to meet her, and I thank her and her long term b/u singing colleagues Lorraine and Hazel for their smiles and voices that have been Jamiroquai's fantastic support and embellishment.

I am sad to see her leave Jamiroquai, but I am happy if it's a better career choice for her.

Good luck Sam !!!

That's sad =( Samantha was the best in Jamiroquai.

Anyway, I wish the best for her..

I am unfamiliar with the Euro Disney adaption of the Lion King, but am familiar with the Broadway musical, and I'm sure they are near the same. If so, this is a perfect venture for Sam because she has such a powerful, soulful voice and that is the vibe of the Lion King music, so lovely for her.

good luck to her in the future ;-)


Oh no!

Sad news :(
But good luck Sam :)


good lucky funky diva

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she was the funky subwoofer of the band...
(i dont like the other backgroundsinger)

Sam! We'll miss you dearly :( But am sure you will have a jolly time in this new venture, so good luck and all the best!!!

Good luck Sam!!! We will truly miss u!!!!

Hey Maxud..It's great that you love Sam, just like alot of us do including myself and I happen to love the other two amazing singers as well, but is it reeeally necessary to comment that you do not like the other 2 singers? I'm sure we all have our favorites, but you could have respectively said that she is your all time favorite without having to resort to that kind of commenting. Just a thought..........Peace

Good Look Sam, You are fanstastic.
Cheers for you

I hope for her it ll feel just like it should..
let the boogie do the rest

..i could take her Place..; ))

Wowww in France?! I'd love to see that show!
I'm sad that she's no longer working with Jamiroquai.
But is it definitive?

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