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Added on Monday 23 October 2006, 18:16 (BST)

Jay has asked a question at the Yahoo! Answers website as part of the "Yahoo! Answers Challenge" promotion.  His question is:

"What can we do to stop arms dealing to countries that use weapons against their own people?"

If you have an answer to this, and want to make your voice known, then please visit the Yahoo! Answers website, and for more information about Jay's question, have a read of the Answers Team blog,

Credit: Wesley Aroozoo, Sheereen Usman

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reminds me of the city of god this question.

good question! ;)

The world has changed! Morw wars that we dont want!

Have 'those' governments use the arms against themselves...

So politicians, I think you gotta keep your distance...

290 answers so far... pretty good)
and people keep asking "who is Jay Kay?"... what a shame

Antonella the world has not change,the humans has always been the same is part of our stupid nature. And I don`t think is all because of the governments and politicians after all if we would not do what they want, they woudln`t have power at all, it`s our falt :(

Truth, love, peaceableness, meekness and kindness are the violence that can master all other violence.

So, party-people, simply start acting accordingly in your everyday life (instead of blaming yourself or others of things you cannot change anyway).

freeetz! said: "and people keep asking "who is Jay Kay?"... what a shame"

I know... They watch the photo and say "Jay Kay? No way, that's Jamiroquai... I've seen him on MTV."

Sounds like stumbling into the middle of
a wasps nest

Well, there's an obvious solution.

tch tch tch tch tch!!
*mimes machine-gunning the populations*

Wise words, SmartGirl. I feel the same way, but I don't know how to express it all. Still, there will always be greedy people with power who have more than they'll ever spend, and we can do nothing about it, except be what they will not. Everything keeps shifting, rearranging, sadly, to never reach perfection, but that doesn't mean there will be no selfless, ethical people who will wear the crown. We can't ONLY hope for better times, we gotta make 'em ourselves. We all, or at least most of us are still following the laws of the jungle - "Eat or be eaten", but "killing mercilessly for a they-call-it reason whatsoever" isn't the same as "eating". You have to eat to survive, and you have to kill to eat, but killing not to eat, but to leave the body behind to rot for no reason is irrational, and most of all, cruel and coldhearted.

There'll be always crazy people with guns, but at least you don't have to be a one of them. By buying guns, you're just encouraging both the illegal and legal gun trade. Legal gun trade is no better than the illegal one, and the only difference is that there are no taxes and licences and whatnot. Today, it's as if people are don't want to face the fact that legal guns kill too, just like the illegal ones. Legal guns don't shoot rubber bullets, and neither do illegal ones. if guns get outlawed, the illegal trade will start blooming, and there will be more killings with untrackable murderers. Bringing the killer to justice won't bring back his victims to life, or give him a better view on the world, but at least it will stop his murders, so that's why I think that there's no solution to the "legal gun trade" problem, since there will always have to be some lying around for a reason. People who kill are stained in blood forever, and no amount of confessions, crying, or anything else will wash it away.

How much blood will have to be spilled 'till we learn we only live once?

After 44 years on this beautiful planet I came to conclusion that people are worse than animals!!!What are we doing here??? Destroing nature ,each other. Diggin our own grave. Most of the people dont give a about anything exept themselfs!!I wish we all dessapear,so Earth can start heealing.(Sorry for my english)

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