Jamiroquai and JC Bentley

Added on Sunday 22 October 2006, 22:18 (BST)

Jamiroquai keyboard player Matt Johnson and guitarist Rob Harris have recently been working with singer/songwriter JC Bentley - who is currently putting tracks together for her debut album, which is set for release in 2007.

There are a number of songs available on her MySpace pages, with one (I Wanna Be Loved) arranged by Matt & Rob, and produced by Matt.  The second track - No Matter What They Say is also produced by Matt, who also part-wrote the track.

Credit: Vinny Ryan

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amazing! ouch , that sound is so good!!!
listen to it!!

I will listen the songs!!! ;)

Should be great! Its cool that matt and rob have been working with other singer. :)

i wanna be loved is a very good song!

that's my Girl ..; )

Souds just like the Brand New Heavies ...

boring... the production on "i wanna be loved" is ok though...
but nothing that could be compared to the brand new heavies or jamiroquai

Yeah Rob and Matt... You finally found your girl to sing your arrangements.
Very good.
The U.S. sure does miss Jamiroquai.

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