High Times advertising campaign

Added on Friday 20 October 2006, 07:06 (UTC)
High Times UK teaser posters

Sony/Columbia in the UK have begun an outdoor advertising campaign for the forthcoming High Times greatest hits album with a set of "teaser" posters.

Posters with the buffalo man logo and the words "Cosmic Girl" or "Space Cowboy" have been seen (this example was in the city of Cardiff, Wales) in major cities around the UK.

If you have seen any adverts such as this or in magazines, then why not post a comment along with this news item to let people know. 

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yeh, Space Cowboy and Cosmic Girl are definitely the best thing about all this Greatest Hits time!



I love the posters!!! I want the same! :D
Are they the exclusive posters for Runaway - pre-order?

Are the Cosmic Girl & the Space Cowboy in luv together?


cant wait to see them around where i live but no actual mention of high times the singles ?

..i hate it when some say ''space CowGirl'' refering 2 the Jam Girlies... ; )))

seen them about the place, sometimes put up wrongly lol.

I han't seen these promo's but i've just seen in the 02 shop in Leeds town centre with the poster up about the new Nokia N series phones with the GH on them. It was in a news item on this site a while back. Had to make my mate stop an look at it (but she understands my fanaticism lol), its like a massive long poster with the GH album cover and details of the offer. Its so cool.

Great! Space Cowboy is the best song (to me of course), I want a poster!!!

Maestro, falta poco para que llegue el disco a este lado del charco, jejeje

:D The poster are so cool !!! :D

I want the poster "cosmic girl" :D

clemm, you make me laugh alot

ohhh, i would like a cosmic girl poster. they look pretty awesome

And... the campaing in Europe??????

I've seen a couple in the Tufnell Park area of North London where I live. A Cosmic Girl one and a Canned Heat one. They didn't stay up for long though as they have been replaced by such posters as Borat (Nice!)
I meant to take photos but I don't have a digital cam at the moment.

They've also started some kind of promotion at O2 mobile phone shops, with cardboard buffalo men about 4 feet or so tall in the windows... I went into one in Bristol yesterday to ask if I could take it off their hands when the promotion ended and the time came to throw it in the bin, but they said they don't yet know what they'll be told to do with it after it's over... wish me luck!

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