No future record label deal for Jamiroquai?

Added on Friday 20 October 2006, 19:02 (BST)

According to Friday's London evening newspaper London Lite (published by the same company as the London Evening Standard), Jamiroquai will not be signing up to another record company... 

"Jay Kay is leaving his record company to set up by himself, the Eye can reveal. The Jamiroquai frontman, who is releasing his Greatest Hits album next month, has confirmed that he will be leaving SonyBMG to be in charge of his own musical career.  Rather than go to another record label, the Space Cowboy singer will release future tunes directly online."

I guess we will have to wait and see what really happens in the coming months/years... 

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directly online?
well...lets see what the futures gives us...

mmmm, let´s see

yes, we hace to wait! I hope that Jay continue singing great songs !!!!! Please.

Jamiroquai !!!!!!!! ^^

dazed and confused...

Good... and bad... I want to collect REAL records!!! Hopefully there will be digital downloads as well as the opportunity to actually order CD/DVD (and possibly even vinyl) media. Jay... don't forget about us collectoholics. We want the possibility to pay extra for the package and design coming with a release. I have plenty of room left in my music room. ;)

The good thing is that no one will have the power to say what Jay and the guys should do. He's in control. He can do whatever he and the band wants. More money to the people who actually do the music. Freedom to hire whatever PR agency he wants for promotion. Freedom to do whatever music they want, with whatever instruments they want... and songs with whatever duration they want. The only ones with some power to affect their choices are us... the fans. Because we will buy what we like. Hopefully Jamiroquai will keep churning out music we like.

I think this sounds great. Every musician deserves total freedom.

So is this gonna be like what Simply Red's doing?

I gotta agree with Space Clav cos i've turned into a bit of a collective freak too lol! But if they are gonna release stuff online don't you think that we'll get more stuff cos the band are free of promo on tv and excessive touring? Wonder how much touring they will do? Hoepfully they will not totally cut out the touring. Can't wait this new stuff will definately be great!

George Michael has said to do the same, even letting people download the tunes for free with an option to transfer a certain amount of money that will go to a good cause.
Anyway, I think it's a good thing that Jay wants to be independent but like Space Clav said, fans want to be able to buy a record, hold it in their hands, feel like they actually own it (personally I think it's not the same with digital tunes, plus, who needs the DRM that'll surely come with it?) Also, I don't think this is the right way to reach new fans because when they will see a new videoclip on tv, or hear a new song on the radio, they'll probably check a musicstore first. Plus a lot of people are not completely fine with buying things over the internet, me included.

i think he's able to start his new label! he's got the studio! he's got the fame! he's a very known guy! and a very known band! he can do it himself!

and he can make some real funk! that will bring him back to the best times! it's all on his hands! let's see what happens! i'm some kinda happy about this, but not sure about the bands future!

If this means we'll never see a new Jamiroquai tune on CD in music shops ever again I am very very very sad! I HATE MP3's with their crappy quality. When you have an expensive CD player you want to make use of it. Jamiroquai is a band where production is very important, so surely going down the download only route contradicts this and the sound quality?...

JK is waiting for good offer...
that's all...

I agree with, I want my record, I don`t really trust in buying online but let`s see what happens before I freak out lol. Maybe this is just another rummor ;)

Sorry that meant to be "I agree with you" hehe

I like getting Cd's when you first open them and theirs a new unused cd and what i do is listen to the first minute of each track then play the CD through. But it is also nice to look through the cd booklet.

If he has is own studio couldn't he make his own jazz/funk record label and therefore if the company grows hopefully we'll see some more jamiroquai CD's

I like that EDDI...

Sitting down listening to some fresh vinyl with a booklet in hand, and something in the other...

What a lot of people dont understand/know is that a record label is really important because of its distribution network. Just think, how could an independant artist distribute his own cd to nearly all over the world. We're talking millions of cd's here, not to mention the (ten/hundred?) thousands of record stores. Where do you start without a label? And that's also why record companies have so much to say about what kind of music is 'right' and 'wrong'.
The internet is a great tool to distribute your album globally without having to have a network or a huge amount of money, but you dont reach everyone with it, and as said before, a lot of fans will miss being able to hold the cd, the jewlcase and browse through the cd booklet.
What Jamiroquai needs is a record company that respects the music as it is, as Jay (and the band) meant it to be. Too bad SonyBMG didn't.

i like and i feel confuse...but always happy
they have freedom now
so go on and put the records on.

WIth my collection so far of CDs, I will be very disappointed holding Jamiroquai's future releases on a writeable CD from TESCO or ASDA.................

Hello, I think this is good news. Now there is no record label behind them to cut the songs and make them sound too produced/moneywise. What Jay might be waiting for is to get a good PUBLISHING label. It's not the same thing as plain record label deal. When Jay has all the control over the music, band, releases etc. a major publishing company will take care that the music reaches all stores worldwide. No doubt.

good news - jamiroquai getting more independent (again)
but i don't like doownloading tracks, too, its a different feeling having a cd / vinyl...

I often download tracks but then go out and buy the album when it is released. It doesn't feel like I own it until I have it in my hands. I still feel excited for a CD release even if I have all the songs on my computer already, there is nothing quite like actually having a genuine hardcopy that is yours to keep and will never be lost when your computer goes wrong...

I feel the same as everyone here, I love collecting the albums, singles, DVD's, vinyls and different versions of anything I can find! I just hope Jamiroquai can become completely independant and still release it to us in some form of hard copy so I can hold it in my hands. No matter how quick/easy downloading becomes this will never change.

new jamiroquai = rock music :S???? plz nooooo :'( don't kill funky music

i think that new albums should be released in cd format as it will reach a new audience where as you would have to go out purposefully looking for a downlad.

and i like to own the cd

if "rock music" means tracks like "the kids" // a harder, edgier sound and real instruments instead of drum-computer etc, i would love it. i'm bored by these 3-minutes disco-house-tracks. bring back the funk in music!!!!!!!!!

i have to say i love my cd's the sound quality i can get through my cd system is awesome compared to a computer. i like to turn it up to 10 and rock my house, downloading is not the same. as selma said bring back the funk, harder edgier i'm all for that. anyaway perhaps they just want to wind down a bit work part time not full time, i'm the same age nearly and i so want to do that too. i'm sure we will still get great tunes from the band.

C'mon! I want proper records. SONY made Jamiroquai whagt it is.

Absolutely!..Right on your own thing! Jamiroquai is online and the Jamily is ready. And dude...much love for all the crap you and the crew had to go thru with Sony....It takes brilliance and savvy to still create such luscious music while under the demeaning mediocrity of a large music label. And Sony...thanks...but ya gotta go!!

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