Q magazine birthday message from Jay

Added on Wednesday 18 October 2006, 07:00 (UTC)
Jay's birthday message for Q magazine

Q magazine (UK) is currently celebrating it's 20th birthday and many stars from the world of music have sent messages congratulating the magazine on this great achievement.

Jay sent in a message which says the following:

"Happy Birthday "Q".  Every time I get a great review my heart soars like an eagle!"

He also drew a small picture of himself! 

Credit: Steph Smith

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haha - love the drawing Jay did of himself lol :)


That picture kinda looks like the buffalo man from Jamiroquai.


sweet !


and jay has drawed that logo...

huahuahuahua the buffalohappy JAY!

awww.. so cute .. ; )) lol

Ahaha, very funny drawing!

A happy little buffalo man.

I love the drawing hehe :o)

I had to go check this out for myself and its sooo cute lol! I have good memories of checking out Q mag a while back in the newsagents when they had that cash for questions thing and just lol whilst reading it. Think i was in a similar happy mood when i saw this too lol.

Thanks Steph! The cutting is dangling in my room now ;)
soooo sweet!

lovely Jay !!!! :D

Hahah that draw is so cute XD!! it reminds me at the ones that my little cousin makes and he´s 5 lol.

Yes, The drawing is so cool !!! :D

Jay is cute, too!

Bleh Q... cool picture though :-)

yea the draw is cute
i like
he can draw maybe the newt artwork of the album after GH

awwwwww cute

Haha, the Buffalo Man's cute... :)

You don't see such a funny sketch every day. (Doesn't mean I don't have an equally hilarious drawing of the human skull. I was always weak at drawing.)

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