Electric Proms competition at BBC Radio 2

Added on Thursday 19 October 2006, 09:15 (UTC)

The BBC Radio 2 website is currently running a competition to win tickets to Jamiroquai's gig at the Jazz Cafe in London next week, as part of the BBC Electric Proms series of events.

Don't forget that the competition at the Electric Proms website is still running until this coming Sunday. 

Credit: Sheereen Usman

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One more chance to win. No luck at the competition...

Time's running out for booking flight from Sweden. Should I be lucky enough to win I certainly hope there's a seat left for me.

good luck space clav.

Thanks mate! :)

Hopefully I'll turn up from nowhere and knock on your shoulder. ;)

Yeahhhhh Jonas!
Good luck ;)
i'm crossing fingers for u hun :))))

I so badly want tickets for this gig. No luck with the one, 2 more to go. Fingers crossed for everyone but especially myself!

Thanks David :).

This is hell...absolute hell...we're all gonna be nervous wrecks by Sunday!

Gonna enter now....


OMG I won a pair from the site, I can't believe it, now I'm really excited but stressed too tryin to sort out gettin there and possibly stayin overnight as I live in Worcester

I filled even this form too...finger crossed also for me...

go view - there's a thread dedicated to the gig - there's people who've won tickets, planning a meet and all that - join the fun :).

Funkydonkey (i'm still gonna slap you)
Jonas (I have a pen!!!)

Good luck...may the (use) The Force be with us all


U can't imagine how i'm thinkin of U
all my good vibes r with U
luv u so much babe :)

Good luck everyone. Fingers crossed for you. And for myself I'm even crossing my toes. lol

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