Automaton is the name of the album and it's coming in March...

Added on Friday 13 January 2017, 22:51 (GMT)

Over recent weeks a number of possible track names from the new album have been posted online after they appeared on a music performing rights database.  Most of the songs are written by Jay and keyboard player (and producer) Matt Johnson.

Well, it now seems that have some pretty reasonable confirmation that these are genuine and we also have an album title - Automaton. is listing a vinyl release of a Jamiroquai album with this name for release on 31 March 2017.

The only other information of interest is that the record label is listed as Virgin.

This all sounds like an album release announcement is imminent.  Just after Christmas an instagram photo and comment said that Jay played the album and showed two music videos to some friends.

Things are happening, real soon...

Of course, none of this information is guaranteed but it sure is looking promising.

Thanks as always to Brent at the Jamiroquai Minute and all the folk at for keeping things alive during these (very long and very quiet) times...

Update 16 Jan 18:10 GMT: The album name looks to be confirmed as the band website, Facebook and YouTube channels have just put online a short 20 second 'teaser' video clip called "#AUTOMATON TRANSMISSION 001".

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Yesss!!! Hope we could hear the new single soon

I'm sooo excited!!! :)

Yes! been waiting on this!


Omg! So excited!!!! Cannot wait!!!! It's been 6 1/2 years!!! Woo hoo!!

Yes!!! Hope there'll be tour dates too?? NEED to see and hear them live (for my 8th time). Excited! ๐Ÿ˜

Yes -I like Automaton for the album name! Can't wait!

Can't wait to be disappointed ! Yeah !

Welcome back! 2017 is gonna be a good year then!

"Automaton"...I took it "Automation" for the first time, but I know it's something related to computer. I'll try to figure it out before the release to enjoy new album better!

Can't wait and hope we aren't gonna be Dissappointed
. It's been a looooong time coming .Looking forward to a Funkin good 2017.

Ak? Why? You ok?

OMG!!! Finay is true!
Automaton... Future is coming?

Party people come back, David!!!

F'ing Sweet!...Can't wait!

mmmmhh...I like synths (I'm a keyboard player) but these 20 seconds are sounding too much electronic...hopefully not another "Supersonic" #2....

Woooo Hooooo!! Hopefully there'll be a few concerts to go along with it

Cloud 9 like Bryan Adams!! hope its a funky cloud :)

Hope I am allowed to see them when they tour the UK.

For the darkest of times we are now living in, and for the love of jamiroquai, people, we are back!!!!!!!! Hell yes, come on March!!!!!!!!

Long news I've heard for a while

I'm going deeper underground...
There's too much electro in this sound...

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