Osaka Summer Sonic cancellation

Added on Saturday 18 August 2012, 11:02 (BST)

It seems that all is not great with Jamiroquai's visit to Japan at the moment.  The band flew out to Japan on Thursday for the Summer Sonic concerts in Osaka on Saturday and then in Tokyo on Sunday.

Bad weather has caused delays to performances and re-scheduling but it now seems (thanks to that the performance at least today in Osaka has been cancelled due to illness, and that this was before the weather starting messing around with the schedules.  This has also been confirmed by the organisers on their twitter feed.

If anyone has any further updates or information then please feel to post a comment with this news item.  In addition to the Summer Sonic concerts in Japan the band are set to perform in Seoul in Korea on Wednesday (22 August).

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To all the Jamiroquai Fans in Osaka i am devistated at not being able to perform for you tonight for the whole week I have had a severe chest infection and though I have fort very hard to get rid of it ,try as I might I am finding impossible to sing due to the fact I cannot breath without coughing .I can only apologise from the bottom of my heart for disappointing you all and I promise myself and the band will make it up to you in the near future ,if I felt I could perform even at half my capacity I would do so at the drop of a hat I send lots of love to you all and hope you will understand ,thank you so much for all your support for over the years ,love and peace jay

If the illness from a week ago, then you should not come to Japan.
Because, many fans in Japan, because you've come to see the show of your pay.
Nevertheless, Now that you have to cancel because of the heavy rain, and very easily to cancel for one's own convenience.
Please think and you lost a lot of fans in Japan today.
Not too late now. Japanese fans, Please show us the live now!

Osaka: My wife and I were there today.

The storm happened WELL BEFORE the cancellation was announced and thats not all.

First to be clear, this was the biggest lightning and rain storm in Osaka in a long while. Several parts of the city had power knocked out. Concert goers spent almost 3 hours huddled under awnings, in the nearby convenience store, and in a stadium at the festival location without any information. But hey you can't blame the weather..things happen.

As soon as the lightning let up (it was still raining and the grounds were a swampy mess), it was announced that the Ocean stage would be the first to open.

Thousands of soaked people, my wife and I included, made their way out from under cover to the Ocean stage to watch the road crew for the first act (Pitbull) fumble around the stage moving around some equipment and removing amplifiers and monitors. Meanwhile we could hear that the act on the Mountain stage (Cardigans) had already begun. After about an hour it was announced that Pitbull wouldn't be performing due to some alleged equipment problem.

I wasn't there to see him but thousands of people were and they were bitterly disappointed. Well these things happen and the storm was very intense.

With the rain continuing and immensely long lines for food and water, it was announced that Kessha (or however you spell her name) would be next on the Ocean stage. This would put her before Jamiroquai which was according to the lineup.

I can't stand her "music" so we went over to the Mountain Stage to watch Hoobstank (not much better but at least they play instruments) .

Since the main reason we...and practically everyone else...paid the equivalent of about 125 USD each and had stayed through the soaking and the lightning was to see Jamiroquai, we only watched Hoobastank perform 2 songs before heading back over to the Ocean stage as it would be tough to get back in given Jamiroquai's popularity.

The Ocean stage area was PACKED with people waiting for Jamiroquai to start now that Kessha (or whatever her name is) was finishing up.

With the rain having finally stopped, she ended her set. With the equipment change it would be about 30-45 minutes before Jamiroquai would start.

However about 15 minutes after the end of her set it was announced that Jamiroquai would not perform due to Jay Kay having a chest infection.

The crowd was ...very understandably...very very, had this been in my home country of the USA...there would have been a riot. But the Japanese are more stoic than my countrymen and there was only shocked disappointment... and man, were they ever disappointed and ANGRY and so am I.

Jay Kay didn't get sick right before the show; his "message" (as shown above) stated that he had been sick for over a week.

Therefore it stands to reason that the promoters or the band or both therefore knew before the start of the day...and certainly during the three hours of rain..that this was not going to happen. Personally, I doubt very much they were even in Osaka today.

This was inexcusably poorly handled.

1. If it was known today they should have posted an announcement at the entrance to the grounds so that before people entered they could consider what they were going to do with their tickets

2. If it was known only during the storm it should have been announced so that these good people could decide to go home and call it wash

3. If it was known only AFTER the storm, the cancellation of both Pitbull AND Jamiroquai should have been announced at the same time just to get it over with and so people could find a way to salvage their day.

But none of these things happened. Instead they waited until the last possible moment

With all the money that was paid by tens of thousands of people - some gesture...any the promoters would have been appropriate.

It is understandable that refunds would have been impossible as their were other artists performing and sunk costs but they should have tried SOMETHING.

Instead they continued to gouge for food and drinks/bottled water and hawk t-shirts with the names of all the bands on the back and other memorabilia for shows that didn't happen....they should have just given the (expletive) t-shirts away.

If anyone from Jamiroquai reads this, and you informed the promoter in a timely need to take some action against them for the risks they made your fans take and the collateral damage their fumbling may have done to your reputation.

If you WERE complicit in all this (and I truly hope you were not): you need to be ashamed of yourselves for forgetting those people who have supported you for so very long.

@JOsaka I completely understand your feelings, dude, similar incidents in the past has happened to me too, thank you for letting all of us know what transpired, truly an unfortunate series of events there. Just seems things don't go right when the best of intentions are at play, even with horrible planning, that is, in this case, severe weather accounting and abounding misinformations between the concertgoers and the promoters. Hopefully things will be rectified in the near future when it comes to shortcomings with promoters during shows in the midst of inclement weather. But that kind of wishful thinking seems temporarily assuring when it comes to Jamiroquai. Thanks again for your honesty and I hope it doesn't 'burn a bridge' towards your future support of Jamiroquai and their music. Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

I was here too i am from france for nothing i paid 2000 euros for what ?? nothing the band can do a masterclass without Jay Kay ! An instrumenta concert or derrick or rob can sing for exemple !
what is happening for tokyo i am flying to this concert today and for seoul ??

I was waiting in a heavy thunder storm.
And yet he canceled it at the last minute, I was very disappointed.

It's alright with Tokyo. Rob said that show is on. ;)

Good news !!! the gig tonight is ON :-))) You're the Best guys πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Here is the setlist performed Tokyo on August 19,

Rock dust light star
Main vein
Cosmic girl
Little l
Canned heat
Deeper underground

This was a hat gig with full band!

Jay health is the most important so I think you should get some rest, not mind about anything else right now because everything can be fixed as long as you are healthy. Please take care of yourself because indeed nothing else matters! Love from Greece!

Really? A scant eight songs?

I feel sorry for all those people in Osaka. Jay has a chest infection for over a week (which of course they all knew about) and pulls out of Osaka, leaving thousands of fans stranded, then goes out to perform in Tokyo one day later.

Man, this is crazy. Sad for you guys in Osaka. :(

I hope he is well enough for Seoul on Wednesday! Paid about 110 USD for my tix.

Very sorry. Corrected set list here;

Rock dust light star
Main vein
Cosmic girl
High Times
Little l
Canned heat
Deeper underground
(no encore)

Thank you Jay and the bands of Jamitoquai.
And thank you for guys invites them to Japan.
I really hope they will come back again.

Tokyo fans please post photos and videos from the gig. Jay Kay please come for a gig in Athens.

There is a video of the Tokyo performance of Cosmic Girl on Youtube (also posted on my facebook page JamiroFans if you can't find it). Sounds pretty much perfect! Jay Kay did fantastically well considering he has a chest infection. Blew my mind ;) haha.

Thats great for the Tokyo fans, but what about us that paid in Osaka, waited out a freakish storm, getting soaked head to toe in the process, and find out at the last minute that they canceled. They could have played instrumentals with someone else singing at the very least if they were indeed present.

I'm also angry with the promoters if it was them delaying the announcement. I sat through Ke$ha (don't really care for her) because I was excited for and expecting Jamiroquai. If I was informed earkier that they wouldn't be playing, I would have gone to another stage and seen something better.

In any event, Jamiroquai better make it up to their fans with a couple of shows in Kansai.

I was in Osaka too, so excited to see Jamiroquai. So disappointed when he cancelled. I don't know much about these things, but does anyone think it's possible that Rihanna's people pushed him out? The schedule was SO far behind b/c of the rain/lightening/etc... maybe Rihanna didn't want to have to wait so long to perform. Just a thought, maybe off base. I'd like to give the benefit of the doubt to Jamiroquai, I really like him. Not to mention - he played in Tokyo the next day! Chest infection, really?? Boo.

Consider yourselves lucky who ever get to see Jamiroquai. And Yes, if this happened in US there would be a riot!!
But then that would be enough to talk about. :)

@Michael -scant 8 songs, well it was only to be a 40 minute set.

Keiichi updated it to 10, but still, that's about half a concert's worth of material.

monkeyboy, Jamiroquai has a website and fan sites (such as this one) which can put out PR in a timely manner if something gets cancelled/postponed. Therefore, pointing the finger at the concert promoters is just scapegoating the issue.


Full HD video will re-onair by WOWOW channel on September 21st. See the details;
(sorry, seems available only Japanese)

I feel sympathy for your sad and angry feeling who was
looking for to see Jam in Osaka. I was also there too, of course only for to see Jam.

On that day, Matt, Derrick, Rob and Paul has showed themselves up on the stage,γ€€and Paul was reading the letter to apologize on behalf of Jay and Jamiroquai. After that, Matt apologized in Japanese words.
Seems the bands and Jay tried hard to prepare until just before for the gig to realize. Unfortunately, it seems the cancelation has already decided before the heavy rain/lightning starts. But there was no announcement or explanation by organizers of Summer Sonic at that moment.

Please kindly keep your sincere and warm support for Jamiroquai. We know still we love Jam. I believe there is no bands in the world nothing else like them.

Totally understand Osaka fans frustration at cancellation. I've only seen Jami twice in my life and both times in the UK without any mishaps but never abroad but I totally see their view and frustrations. However am loving the Tokyo performance of Cosmic though - Jay sounds not 100% but still amazing - but Rob's guitar solo is a show stopper, brilliant stuff. Good use of the sax at the end too, can't wait to hear/see the others video performances. Peace

@michael... Don't know why you bother coming on here just to slate Jamiroquai. Why would a concert goer in Japan come onto this site or Jamiroquai website to see if a concert is happening! I don't think Jay and band would have travelled all that way if they did not think they would be able to perform.. we do not know the details. Perhaps the plane air conditioning and change of climate caused a deterioration in Jays health and, NOT wanting to let his fans down did everything in his power to be well enough to perform... Perhaps the decision whether to perform was made very late and in hindsight would have been better to have been taken earlier but this is a human error and one made out of loyalty to fans - and in previous interviews Jay has admitted to being a perfectionist with a very strong work ethic. It is obvious from the following nights performance that his vocals were a bit under par, and regarding the set.... it was not a Jamiroquai gig but part of a summer festival where all bands would be playing for a limited time and therefore 10 songs, as Giba pointed out were "more than adequate" . You appear to have a personal grudge again Jay and/or Jamiroquai. No doubt you will respond to this with further negativity - go ahead - your opinions are of no value and mean nothing to me..

Uuh, yeah. Nevermind all those people who paid the equivalent of $125, waited out a storm and then were told that Jamiroquai wasn't performing and never even got a refund. Who cares how they feel? How's Jay Kay and his 80 sports cars doing?

Jay has already said he will make it up for Osaka fans in the near future! I wish half of the stars worldwide, would have a quarter of the politeness and understanding that Jay has! And please stop all this about the cars! He has earned his money and still does!!

@JustMe I would just ignore Michael and his drivel, his comments have been verging on being a 'troll' for a while now, so don't take his rhetoric personally, he's just trying to get attention to satiate whatever devious boredom he's trying to alleviate. But your comments are appreciated, JustMe, and are very spot on, thanks for that, hopefully Michael will just bugger off back to the Rebecca Black Forum or whatever pop queen spinster artist that's next in his personal queue to flame online.

@Michael Yes, also your comments could be taken lightly if you didn't depreciate them with trollness, but alas, we're on the internet, and that temptation to resort to 'anonymous troll hyperbole' is a hard one to walk away from. However you proceed is your own prerogative...

Lol... thanks JamiroFan2000... Was playing a bit of devils advocate re:michael and do not take his comments personally... Have had the misfortune to come across plenty of characters like him during my lifetime and with a sigh and a deep breath do my best to avoid them! He has finally revealed his true colours and shown himself for the troll that he is and also how jealous he is of Jays success - particularly the cars that Jay has - so michael has been outed and will hopefully now return to the hole that he crawls from on a regular basis.
I hope that Jay s health continues to improve and that we will be witness to some new footage from Korea on YouTube

" He has finally revealed his true colours and shown himself for the troll that he is and also how jealous he is of Jays success - particularly the cars that Jay has..."

That's classic. Not true but classic nevertheless. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.


With all due respect, the mentioning of 'cars' owned by 'said artist' has been brought up by you on many occasion, hence the response you are receiving. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, and to a certain extent, yes, you have valid points. But to be fair, there's also a good amount of 'digging' within your words aimed at 'said artist'. It's fairly obvious, and does come across as being somewhat bitter. The car issue, has been discusssed, but yet, you cannot put it to rest. This is both true and classic. It's beautiful to learn that you are smiling today.

Ok, I went too far with that, therefore I apologize.

Yep... He promissed a performance in a near future... For free I supposed... lol

LOL! No one in the USA would riot over Jamiroquai not performing. Come on people. Y'all can't be for real. Ha.

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