Jamiroquai concert announced for Seoul in August

Added on Wednesday 13 June 2012, 16:34 (BST)
Audi Live 2012

Jamiroquai are set to perform at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul, South Korea on Wednesday 22 August.  The event is part of a promotion with car manufacturer Audi called "Audi Live 2012" and comes a few days after the previously announced concerts in Japan as part of the Summer Sonic festival.

Tickets go on sale on 20 June and more information can be found at the Audi Live 2012 website.

Credit: Darshan Lovgren

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What an awesome poster.

standard tour poster, looks ok, the more important thing is they better have some new material to air, it's about the time they should start at least the 'writing' stages for their next studio album, it's been 3 years. Anyway, looks like they may stick to Asia for this year's touring....* gives off a horrendous sigh * states tour...jeez! Cheers to Darshan for finding this info as always!

Money money money... A gig sponsored by a car manufacturer? Come on! What's next? Concerts in supermarket? ;)
Anyway, at least, they're still alive!

@Vezi That's pretty much like high profile bands tour now, with heavy corporate sponsership, Jamiroquai have had tons of them in the past ranging from Clarion to Sony to countless others. But I do share your last comment, they are alive..let's hope they have some new material to air OR 'funk up' some more of their standards. Cheers!

Concerts are always sponsored by something. Every gig you have ever been to have some sponsor.

Obviously, I knew that... But it's the first time that I see a poster on which the name of the sponsor is bigger than the name of the band...

Bah, horrible timing, I'm coming home from Korea next week, after spending 3.5 months here.

I live in Korea now and they are playing 3 days before I go home after being here for 2 years. Happpy going away for me. I've been a fan since forever this will be my first time seeing them live. Too excited for words. Was bummed I was too broke to make the trip to Japan for the summer sonic.

That's going to be awesome Bob, enjoy it. I know I would.

Thanks Falco! Maybe they will come back to the states while I'm home!

I doubt they're coming to the States anytime soon. Can't say I blame them. Who wants to be subjected to a sexual assault at the airport?

Bob, now I'm just jealous. I was in Japan recently so missed them there, heading back before they hit Seoul. And to add to the odd coincidence, my name is Robert, and I first came to Korea two years ago

What a pity...

Falco. Imma take a guess you are/were an English teacher?

3 years? It's been 1 year and 8 months since the release of RDLS.

No i'm not an English teacher Bob, I'm a student studying Film. What gave you that impression? lol

I misread your comment as 3.5 years instead of months. lol

Bob, I'm the one that's been in Korea. And not an English teacher, although I've considered looking into becoming one. I'm a grad student whose adviser is Korean (and he teaches both stateside and in Korea)

Lucky iun Corea!!!

A gig in the supermarket? Yeah why not?
I would appreciate it, shopping with the sound of Jamiroquai LOL

Where is the link to buy the ticket ?????

Sorry for the mix-up fiske!

I got my tix!

I'm the third Robert here. English teacher.
Been waiting to see this band since the nineties... and I've missed them on several occasions by just days. I got my ticket... now I just need to plan how I'll get out of work for it...

Any of the other Roberts from Ohio (US) by chance? It would add to the coincidence, out of a rather small town in Ohio I'm 1 of at least 4 from my high school class (and another one three classes younger) who has been to Korea.

HAHA I'm from Philly.

Hey Bobby you sound just like me. Waiting forever to see these guys. Which tickets did you get?

I gotta come from Daegu, so I have leave school around 3 at the latest I'm guessing.


I'm from Cleveland in the US, and Pohang in Korea, so not too far in either country. If there was more warning before the concert I think I would have booked a flight back to Korea to see them. Never seen them in concert and would combine my two favorite things, Korea and Jamiroquai. Way too pricy to buy a plane ticket on short notice though.

Nice! I'm making my first trip to Pohang next weekend.

Uhg plane tickets. Trying to book a one way home now is driving me insane.

Seeing Jami is totally an awesome excuse for trip back to Korea. ;)

If you like hiking I highly recommend Mt. Naeyeonsan. Pohang reminds me a lot of Cleveland, in that it's not loaded with tourist destinations, but there's tons of cool little places all over.

Yeah, maybe I should look into making a quick return to Korea, sure it'll be expensive, but would be fun.

I'm from California by way of VA, now in Ilsan. I'm in the standing(dancing?)R section.
Bob, Daegu rocks! I lived there for a few months until my school shut down. Which part of Daegu? I used to be in Sangin - very fun area.

Do you guys teach at public schools or Hagwons? And if public schools, what's your educational background, is it education? I'm kind of interested into looking at teaching English here, but my background is Software Engineering, not really related to education.


jeudi, 23 août 2012

Incheon/Séoul , KR (ICN)

jeudi, 23 août 2012

Moscou-Sheremetyevo , RU (SVO)

Direct / SU 251

Classe de réservation: Economique / Airbus A330-300

informations de vol
Vol de correspondance


vendredi, 24 août 2012

Moscou-Sheremetyevo , RU (SVO)

vendredi, 24 août 2012

Paris, Charles de Gaulle , FR (CDG)

Direct / SU 3002

Classe de réservation: Economique / Airbus A319

I'm in the standing section as well!

I live downtown Daegu. Best location ever. lol

I'm in a public school at the moment. Degree in broadcasting. Background in edu is not necessary to teach.

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