Virtual Insanity appears on MOS 90s Groove Compilation

Added on Monday 11 June 2012, 11:50 (BST)

Jamiroquai tracks often appear on different compilation albums and I don't normally post news items about them as it can all get a little repetitive at times.  However, as it's been a while since a news item about compilations was posted here's one...

Virtual Insanity appears as track 1 on the recently released Ministry of Sound 90s Groove compilation.  The album was released at the end of May and made it to number 2 in the UK compilation album chart.  There's a television commercial for the album that includes a snippet of the track available to watch at YouTube.

So... have you seen any Jamiroquai tracks on any recently released compilation albums?  If so, why not let others know by posting a comment on this news item.

Credit: Kieran Powell

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I have to say, it's a very good compilation. I don't normally go for compilation albums because they are usually mostly bad songs with a few good tracks. This one though is great! Anyone who thinks music today is going downhill, I'd recommend it! Virtual Insanity is the best track on it though :).

Gotta love the Garage on it. Ahaaa

"Anyone who thinks music today is going downhill, I'd recommend it!"

Since major label music is in a rut right now, the good stuff from decades past looks attractive.


Michael... this is becoming every post!!!!!
Take a break for the love of all things holy, take a break!!!!!!

@JamiroFansFacebook hehe, are you ANOTHER JamiroFan? just wonderin'

In regards to this compilation, I share the consensus, Ministry Of Sound always put out the most solid compilations of past dance/house music, this one looks to be another good shimmy popper. In regards to Michael, dude, totally come over to JamiroTalk International Fan Forums ( ) , register and extoll your opinions there, we need some activity. Cheers to Brother Kieran for finding this release info! Cheers! ~JamiroFan2000~

Every time this advert comes on the tv I do a little dance. Rekindles nice memories of smokey,sweaty clubs and feeling like the king of the castle....damn middle-age.
Nice album for the 40 somethings to relive their 20s.
Brent - damnit man, you should have copyrighted your name.

@JamiroFan2000, :) I usually comment under the name of jamiroquai01fan, after my youtube account, but recently I have started a Facebook page called JamiroFans so I'm using that name for now. I am a huge JamiroFan ;) haha.

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