Jamiroquai 'Pression Live' concert webcast

Added on Saturday 28 May 2011, 07:16 (BST)

According to a news item at the concert being held in Paris on Tuesday (31 May) will be available to watch via the Pression Live page on Facebook.

Credit: Peter Dell

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Sorry David, there is no link with the news but Gil Scott-Heron passed away... He was 62. Go(o)dbye legend.

Will we be able to watch this on the actual facebook page? Or will there be a link on the facebook page to a different (French) website? :)

It's Tuesday 31 may, and not Monday as stated in the newsitem :-)

Found while I was frustrated at 21 last night, desperately trying to find the stream!

Help! Anybody in Paris has a spare ticket for tonight?

No :(((((((

caught the end of it! although those pression b*stards didn't end up giving me a ticket...well you can't win them all I guess! Loved the cosmic girl intro, but what's up with the live versions of WKR recently? I feel like Jay and the backup singers are using two different keys...

Finally managed to get in after begging for a ticket to one of the organizers, well worth it! Just missed the first couple of songs (RDLS and Little L. What a treat to hear them in a small venue! it was rocking! If you watched online, then you know the boys delivered as always with their energy and nice arrangements/transitions (few notes of Scam leading to All Good in the Hood...would have been nice to have all of Scam though!)
Anyhoo, another fab show by the band.

Rock Dust Light Star
Little L
Canned Heat
Love Foolosophy
Travelling without Moving
All good in the hood
Deeper Underground
White Knuckle Ride
Cosmic Girl

1h15 approx. Too shame to see just a half show...

very true - WKR sounds quite WAY out of key (backing singers)

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