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Added on Sunday 27 March 2011, 09:43 (BST)

Today (Sunday) is Jamiroquai drummer Derrick McKenzie's birthday and to help celebrate this special day here's a link to a great interview with Derrick in issue 1 of interactive magazine iDrum (page 56 onwards).  In addition to a video interview you can also watch Derrick performing to three tracks from Rock Dust Light Star (White Knuckle Ride, All Good In The Hood and She's A Fast Persuader).

For more information about the magazine please visit the iDrum magazine website.

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Excellent interview with the main man :)

Why oh why is that version of AGITH not the album version? :(

Wow! All good in the Hood extended! It's amazing! Why they did not put this on the album?

Great interview and drum playing! The ending of “All Good In The Hood” was bananas!!

Happy Birthday babe! Enjoy your day!!!

My hero, just perfect groove. On drume, the indestructible, Mister Derrick McKenzie !
It's such a feeling but in my opininon, even RDLS is an excellent album, I'm sure the band don't give the maximum to the tracks. For example, all tracks are definitely too short, and when I'm listenning to AGITH extended, I can't stop crying !!! :) Why don't they put the same version on album ?

Fantastic article thanks!
I agree slightly with Funkadelic, am sure there are studio and record company restrictions that limit time, but it would be great to hear the band deviate from the mainstream songs..improvise and jam at the shows maybe? Rob H doing an extended guitar solo on Hurtin, and an extended saxophone instrumental break on SAFP?
Appreciate its been an emotionally tough time with events in France and Japan. Love and hugs to all
Take care!

A short song is not automatically bad, but this band has no frontier to create and play song. They must be proud of it and explore all the territories of their music and jam again and again ! I don't understand why they record with this "mental brake" (record company advice ?). When I see Derrick plays the way he does in the video, I wanna hear the same on album version. On each track. Please... Free musicians, free your mind.

Amazed about how Mckenzie takes off on All good in the hood, he clearly has been tunning up precision.
Also good to hear from somebody else in the band about that interaction jay´s been always talking about, himself vocalizing and the band translating that vibe into sounds.
Excelent interv, really enjoyed it

That´s the class of contet I would like to hear on B-sides those long takes and funk free flow

bloody hell... 'All Good in the Hood' sounds so incomplete now after listening to this...
Brilliant Derrick!

OMG! What on earth were they thinking when they cut all good in the hood down? The extended version is simply one of the greatest things i have ever heard. The album version is great but with the outro it's incredible! I wonder if there are parts of the other tracks which were cut too? If there are, I would love to hear them!

Wow!!! The outro to AGITH is AWESOME! I wish it was on the album.

They've obviously recorded it and worked on it so I can only hope that it gets released at some point in the future....

I really liked the interview

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
how many more extended versions are out there :P :P :P really deserve to be put a bit more into the spotlight from time to time! you rock!!!..I mean you funk!

What a great guy Derrick is, and these types of videos are a great education for drummers such as me!

I am shocked that we've been robbed of such mastery on All Good In The Hood. Someone get us an extended version, quick! Genuinely want to cry in light of this. That is all. Oh, and to watch him live is incdredible - great work!


Happy birthday Derrick, so funky!!!!!!

Supreme playing.
That version of 'All Good' would've fit beautifully on the album.

As a drummer, I can't stop watching all the video. Million and million times again and again, still perfect. Hey Mister D, why are you so funky ? :)

Sorry lovely people, am not sure where to post this.

Following on from the discussion about breaking away the musical straightjacket imposed by record companies etc,more improvisation in live sessions, I thought Id take a look at You tube to see whats in store for the UK gigs (roll on Manchester!).. take a look at the radically different (and miles better) version of Canned Heat sung in Munich below! Keep up the good work guys!

DERRICK IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Me : Thanks you ;) this version is simply amazing. Horns make difference. At last :)

Is there a high quality rip of this so I can replace my AGITH album version :), it would be a waste NOT to listen this full version!!!

Thanks Me for the post!! I do love this version, they played it at Paris-Bercy Fantastic & Jay is adorable... ;)

uuuuaaaaauuuuu, Everyone can put AGIYH extended in youtube????

Thanks for the support and the great feedback and comments on the interview! It was a pleasure to meet Derrick!

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