The end of Jamiroquai physical CD single releases?

Added on Friday 25 March 2011, 19:54 (GMT)

When the band moved to Mercury records after leaving Sony Music one of the biggest mysteries has been which singles have actually been released or not, and why there were no physical CD singles available.  I'm still none the wiser as to which singles were released or not but the answer to the physical single question seems to have been answered as news stories today (Friday) reported that Mercury Records have announced that they will stop producing physical CD singles as standard.

So, I guess that means that the last (ever?) official Jamiroquai CD single release (at least in the UK) was Runaway in October 2006.

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Wow runaway has just become so much important, this is sad news. I've been waiting forever (well it feels) Cheeba

I heard this on radio 2 yesterday as i drove home when i briefly paused from listening to RDLS for the news n for some reason it didnt click in my head till this news item! Must have been too tired from work lol! It is sad news, but if you go into any HMV today, it looks more like a books/t-shirt/games n dvd store than a music store. The sad fate brought about by the digital download era :(

It's a little ironic that the fans learned of this news, when the 'singles' were released. Somewhat cheeky of the label to let us know now. Kick someone in a river, and then after a few minutes, tell them its water... really?
What's a real kick in the teeth is missing out on the b-sides. I remember buying every single, and tripping out on those precious diamond tracks that came with it. Cosmic girl is bang on with reference to HMV; I go in there now to buy groceries. xo

It's sad. I've got all the maxi-singles from the Sony aera: It was very exciting to see the sleeve, to have some unreleased or good remix to complete the album...
The only thing these men care IS MONEY! Fun(c)k That!

"For the past couple of years we have released physical singles only when there is demand..." F.u.c.k this. And what they think about Jamiroquai, which is the biggest selling band of funk in history?

This is just one more element to make me feel less attached to the band. I hav to deal being in the americas, figure out a way to get my hands on the material, and now we are going to be faced with a little less than organic bone?
well, what´s the difference for us collectors to just go around and download them from the net somewhere else and not paying for the music? and please dont drop the moral issue, i don´t care about that.
plus, the generation that grew up listening to jquai is more fond of buying cds! we are open to downlaod, but in my case is not my prefered method.
Shame on this thing. shame on the label.

whatever happened to the hunt down for bootlegs, the promos, the different singles,

figure out another way to market it without cutting on the physical element to own a piece of music dammit!

That's a real shame. Like someone said before we had kind of guessed this was the case as no cd singles had been released but to think they will be no more is sad! A new single release and a new bside was just as exciting as a new album(for me anyway!)
It's a shame the digital world is taking over, how long before albums won't be released physically?!
But as long as jamiroquai are still bringing out new music (whatever format) and touring we've gotta be happy!

I start feeling old and I " only" just turned 26 :S!!!!!

Well, they've always been ahead of the curve, so why not with this too. MP3s don't scratch. :-)

i know this is a blow for people but to be honest i've seen this coming for a few years now. I predict that with faster broadband speeds/fibre optic internet etc we will start to see downloadable music distibuted as it should be heard ie not mp3 but full audio bandwidth as it was intended to be heard. I remember the kicking and screaming when CD's came out. Everyone saying that it would never replace vynil. We it did. Just as Mp3's will replace CD's . Its a shame.

Yes, MP3 doesn`t have the same charm as the CD and it seems just so disposable. Music has become just like a junkie food with this digital era: fast, easy but worst.
The physical stuff provides a better musical experience.

Another serious blow to the serious Jamiroquai music collector. Looked forward to gathering more psychical media. Shame indeed.

Not really surprising given the general state of the music industry but a real shame for us fans who collect. Seems though that the label are missing a big opportunity to make extra money - why not release limited edition collectors singles? I'd happily pay more for such a CD when to be honest I wouldn't bother paying to download a track I've already got on an album! Maybe a little thinking out of the box is required!

Mercury stopped selling in the format of cd-single and vinyl, as they become unsupportable, economically.

They'll just sell everything on mp3.

This information is on the Portuguese news, today.

We can kiss goodbye to Jamiroquai ever hitting the UK top 10 in the singles charts again...

Ever since Rock Dust Light Star has been released,I have noticed that the promotion has been terrible.Mercury Records has all but ignored the US fans.We've gotten nothing! I now think that Jamiroquai made a mistake by signing with them.Hopefully,they can get out of that contract and start over with a new label who actually cares about them.Here in the States,we haven't gotten any singles,any US release of the album,no tour dates and I'm very angry about it,because I think RDLS is one of their best albums.I'd like to know if there are any other fans who feel the same? I know I can't be the only one.

I totally agree with u Donald. I too think RDLS is one of their best albums. I expected everyone to go crazy over 'Blue Skies' and 'Lifeline' but some will never get the chance as unless they bought the album, they wouldn't have heard the tracks due to very limited air play and lack of promotion and this is in the UK where the band are from so even worse for u over in the States! I can't see the point in releasing tracks without any of the above and most importantly the actual CD!! The band must know what they are doing as have been in the industry long enough and have enough fans who would buy the album anyway without promo... like we did! Going to see them at O2 in London, can't wait :)

Life goes on. Remember that wildly popular YouTube video "The Story of Stuff"? You know, the way stuff moves through the economy (from extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal), the eventual end to physical media (apart from audio speakers and video screens) shouldn't bother us... and given the rapid advances in musical media since the 1950's, it also shouldn't come as a surprise. Almost by decade, we went from vinyl (50's), reel to reel (60's), 8 tracks (70's), cassette tapes (80's), compact discs (90's), and MP3 players (2K) to this... the day when products are memory and lights on little screens.

As far as fans of EOPE's "Jamiroquai Manifesto" go (i.e. "greenpeace Jay"), this is a great day... Less printing & shipping = less waste and emissions, and less disposal. But as far post-TWM Jamiroquai fans (i.e. fans of "hedonist Jay"), I'd say this is definitely a marketing reboot. Even though neither of those "Jays" exist, these are the typical perspectives of Jamiroquai fans. =p

Looks to me as if Jay Kay and Jamiroquai caught the tail end of the monster that is the record industry. Eventually people are going to get mad about paying for something that physically doesn't exist... or are they? =/ Judging by Apple's iTunes and app sales, I wouldn't bet so. The world is split between the mass that would rather jump through online hoops for free media access, and the mass that would rather pay for the convenience of not having to. Interesting time we live in, this. P_P

Perhaps it's the generation gap between late 70's/early 80's kids and the late 80's/90's kids that's causing such a split. PCs used to mean freedom to our generation (what they call "Gen X")... and we made a lot of headway toward that end (the early days of the WWW—BBSs, FTP, Napster, Limewire and such). But all of that crap got eroded by the current lockdown that pay services and social networking has kids in. =/ The record industry might live through this transition after all.

REALLY WISH IT WOULDN'T, though. The record industry DOES need the reboot I mentioned. The stage they put stars on today (including venues, promotional tour and TV circuits) has a SIGNIFICANTLY lower standard than in days past. I think if demand went down, quality would go up.

Regardless of my philosophical point of view, I am now crazy jealous of all Jamiroquai record collectors (Francois Wiart and David Rowe come to mind). I would have loved to show my kids my old bootlegs and singles which are now ruined by wear, tear, and poor care. ;_; Especially now that this generation won't have anything to show for their following. =)

Oh, well. C'est putain de vie, n'est-ce pas? X^p

(Beat your "curse word" bot with the French there, David! haha)

Life in Virtual, that's we're livin' in...

Hold your horses. They're not doing away with physical albums, just singles because they haven't been selling like they used to.

CD production is cheap as in about 3-to-5 cents per disc. When the manufacturer distributes an album, they make back profit at wholesale price which is obviously a bit less than what it retails for but still ultimately means profit for the record companies. With the digital distribution, there is no need for the middle man, i.e. record shop, and therefore the labels rake in near-full profit (services such as iTunes make a marginal percentage from each sale).

This all evades the most serious threat to the record labels: bad quality music. Yeah, I said it. Most of the good current artists are either independent or indie-label. True, they don't get the same market penetration and exposure as the "big names" do but they more than compensate for this by turning in a profit, more often than not. Also, they have more creative freedom (goes without saying). With the advent of the internet, people became aware of so-called indentured servitude (industry lingo for corporate slavehood) and now possess the means to both produce and promote their own material, effectively bypassing the big labels.

That Jamiroquai is signed to a major label is of no consequence given the horrendous promotional campaign for RDLS. I can only imagine their follow-up effort will be treated with similar disregard. But, hey, if Jay and the rest of the crew don't have an issue with it then who are we to complain?

we the fans mike. we buy jays adidas,

I'm not saying that it's right for things to go on as they have been, but if the artist in question isn't willing to take a stand to remedy the situation, our words will fall on deaf ears.

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