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Added on Saturday 22 January 2011, 17:35 (GMT)

An interview with Jay (written by Dan Gennoe, who's interviewed Jay many times over the years) is featured in the Mail On Sunday newspaper (UK) Sunday magazine on 23 January.

When asked if Jay ever thinks about giving up music and retiring...

I did consider it a couple of albums ago. But it’s addictive, this job, and I’d get bored twiddling my thumbs. Listen, I am privileged and lucky that people obviously appreciate our stuff enough for us to still be in the game. We’re still rolling. People are still jumping up and down, singing our songs, enjoying them. If it ever becomes just a job...

The article can be read online at the the Mail website.

Credit: Darshan

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Yeaaah! Thanks for the news Darsh!!! ;D xx

Bootcut is the only way to go!

Totally agree with Jay on the xfactor comments. He's worked really hard for everything he has so fair play to him. I hope the band realise how good rock dust light star is (IMO!) and keep on making many more! Good interview!

It's nice to read up about Jay Kay's house, cars, helicopter, lifestyle, wardrobe, marble floor, acres of property, his ex, what 25 million album sales "looks like," etc. for the umpteenth time. All smug and cocky. For all his intelligence, he strikes me as being one-dimensional. Same s***, different day. He had absolutely nothing of relevance to say about music. make a point. but.."If you ask a cliche get a cliche answer." A good or bad interview is very often the fault of the interview-er.

Mike, this is a fan site. It's ok if you are not a fan of Jamiroquai and/or Jay anymore. But then: stop bugging us with all your negativity about it! Cheers ;-)

Mike, made it sound like its Jay's fault, which is not the case. Like "Harry" said, its all about what questions are asked, and when it comes to the Mail on Sunday the questions were always going to be about his cars, cheryl cole,and the stuff we have heard all before.

Well say Jay. We are waiting your job for ever!!!!

Mike.... do you need a hug °hug°... it's all good man..

I happened to dig the interview though especially the part about hearing how the music comes together.. I was a bit curious about the process..

To be fair, it's a lifestyle magazine that comes with a Sunday paper so it's never gonna be an in-depth interview about music as most people who read it wouldn't be interested (altho most of us would be!). I wouldn't say he's smug about it all, he's worked hard for it so therefore deserves everything he's got. Plus most of us have contributed in some way by buying singles, albums , tickets etc so can't complain!

Mike has a point.Some people always respond by claiming that he can't be a fan because of the 'negativity' that he supposedly brings,but why would he be on this forum if he wasn't. We've seen all this before.We all know about Jay's mansions and his wealth, not that I begrudge him in any way. I respect everything this guy has done, and he deserves all the rewards he get-he has earnt it after all. But in the midst of a recession,it is perhaps not the wisest move, as people will not relate to it and Jay's words could come across as smug to non fans .On his Twitter account,Derrick mentioned that he would have liked to see more of the band featured in the article.Now that would be worth reading, a focus on all the bandmembers who keep the machine ticking.I would love to hear more about the entire band.That would appeal to me far more than this,as I have seen articles like this one a million times before

Mike has a point that has tired beyond disbelief. We are aware of his point, and yet he will not for a second stop in his angst. He can be a fan, and although this could be questionable, I presume that he is a fan. Why he is on this forum with his continuous points of angst, is a question unto itself.
Recession or non recession, it is utterly surprising to read a comment suggesting in certain words that an interview should be given in times of high as oppossed to times of struggle. We buy the music, we support the sound in any season of the year. All this talk of recession is crap. Kick down the doors, break the chain, and persist. I think after countless interviews, and 19 years talking about his music, it's bloody refreshing to hear someone search for a 'bootcut', which is nigh on bloody impossible to buy these days. However, Levis do a nice beatiful black bootcut cordruoy retailing at 70 GBP.
Absolutely brilliant interview Jay, and if I do need to understand more about the music, I'll put on the vinyl under heavy dosage, and figure it out myself. Always insightful to read about the other side of someones life. If you get the vibe that a particular TV show is going against the direction you wish it to be, turn it off. If you get the vibe that a written interview is going against the direction you wish it to be, close the book. When a response is made from watching or reading all the way through to someones dislike, then that comes across worse as the Channel or artile itself.
Everything is ok people.

@theselfpreservationsociety: well said, well said...! :-)

Well,..this interview is full of cliche,as a matter of fact.But yeah,what do you expect from this kind of coffee break newspaper.
All of Jay's property is well deserved,ok,ok.
But after all those years,i can't get used to the idea of Jay (or Stu or any of my all time idols) being a man
wearing designer suits .
After all ,this quote "I'm quite a hidey-hole kind of guy" proves he is, in the depht of his soul, still that rug-wearing amazingly singing guy.
Or is he really ?

Interesting, thanks for sharing. I too would've liked to read more about the music, but it was still an interesting glimpse at where his head is at right now. For what it's worth, I absolutely LOVE that "mini cottage" on his estate, as well as the ancient-looking stone temple, the latter of which befits a music god such as JK. :-)

I thought it was a very balanced and endearing interview. I could almost smell the mud on the wellies and hear the click of the can opener on the Heinz 55s (more likely Tesco's own brand - LOL). And the insight by himself into which is no mystery or undebated nor under research subject of his Farah's Fit or don't fit, skirted the point - pardoning the pun. It's definately not about the bootcut that's obvious. I liked the interview - without bias.

Good interview. Shows a good insight in to the man, not the pop star. We need more of these from other musicians, except from always hearing about the music.

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