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Added on Tuesday 30 November 2010, 11:26 (UTC)

In a press release posted on Facebook to announce UK tourdates in April 2011 there is also news of the second single release from Rock Dust Light Star - Lifeline - which is set for release on 23 January.  The 23rd is a Sunday, meaning a digital release.  It is currently not known if there will be a physical CD single release the following day.

"Skitting between a hook laden chorus replete with honky tonk piano, and a lilting verse featuring 70's style funk horns and lilting strings, 'Lifeline' (released 23rd January, Mercury Music Group) is the second single taken from the Top 10 album, Rock Dust Light Star, and a track that's bound to become a firm live favourite during next year's arena tour."

Credit: Cristina Lara

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Wow, Now we're talking!!

It's actually my favorite song and I think it's a pretty good choice because of the catchy chorus and great vibe on it.

Great news! Actually my favourite tune in the new album! wooohooooooooooooooooooo!

Good choice for a single (but all good in the hood) would have been great also.

Thats why they started playing it live!!! great choice!! catchy, awesome tune!!

Please, please, please make She's A Fast Persuade a single!!!

Think great choice for a single, maybe should have been over WKR and blue skies..Cheebaa

Great news!

"Fast Persuader" is another must...possibly nearer summer perhaps?... needs a fast car, a long empty road to appreciate it in full.. hmm!

For what its worth, I'd ditch "hang it over" (or hangover, sounds like a filler track, and its uncomfortable to listen to, especially when theres other brilliant tracks on the album) Rant over sorry!

"Hey Jay, youve got to learn how to break the chains"..(small steps! - you can do it!)

Take care

Good / okay choice but I would have loved to see a release of Smoke And Mirrors. The best option would have been Not The Funk I Want on the actual album and THEN a single!! I'm so addicted to that song.

??? lifeline would have been the last song i would pick for a single seriously ... She's a fast persuader would be the best choice.. lifeline is boring, i doubt ppl would listen to it on the radio

Great choice of single, and a fantastic feel good road song. One of the best tracks on the album. Funny, I would have switched 'she's a fast persuader' for 'hang it over' as the main 12 line up on the album. The only track I skip on the album is 'she's a fast persuader'...
Sorry, but it just feels like a slightly poorer version of travelling without moving. The breakdown is wonderful, and I can only think that this track appeals to alot of the new and younger audience. Written with respect.
Peace, xo.

would buy it if it's a maxi with some bonus tracks ("highway" for example) instead of the usual house-remixes....

Saaame! That's Not The Funk I Want should have been the first single and on every version of the album. I cannot stop listening to it!!! Commercially, I think it would have done the best. It's so polished and catchy.

I think Two Completely Different Things should have been released instead.For me the three weakest songs from the album have been chosen as singles.

..Nooo, why on earth Lifeline?
I can´t understand the " single releasing "logic...

You can't disagree, Lifeline is one of the best Rock Dust Light Star songs... I'm so happy it's been chosen !

Yes, you can dissagree. Lifeline is wet. It's music for a folk's home, it gives me the impression that Jay's starting to be old. It's a shame, because the song has all the tricks applied to it (great horns and strings, crescendo bridge, etc.) but the main theme is just flat, and don't even get me going about the lyrics... Sorry for the rant, but Lifeline is a disputable choice.


You're answering your own statement. Jay is a middle aged man... not 'starting'...
I loved your line that 'tricks' are 'horns and strings'...
No rant, but gave me a bloody good laugh.

I strongly disagree with that decision. Blue Skies and Lifeline deserve to be singles and SAFP or AGITH not? Pop becomes single, funk not? I honestly think it is a huge mistake

"You can't disagree, Lifeline is one of the best Rock Dust Light Star songs... "

IN YOUR OPINION. In my view is one of the 2-3 worst tracks

It's an okay choice, I think it's got a quality to it that non-fans will appreciate. Hey Floyd might've been a more interesting and daring pick. Fast Persuader just isn't single material, it's not quality enough (I know this will be contested). I think it could've used some more production..feels sort of undeveloped.

So far, the singles are definitely along the lines of 'Eh, I'm getting too old for this party life.'

I think the 3 best songs on the album are She's A Fast Persuader, Two Completely Different Things, and Lifeline, so I'm happy with this choice, but those other two are even better!...

"Blue Skies and Lifeline deserve to be singles and SAFP or AGITH not? Pop becomes single, funk not? I honestly think it is a huge mistake"

Single are released to boost sales, get promotion, etc. Of course they are going to release pop songs, not funk songs. It's not 1970s anymore, dude.

I like lifeline...catchy as hell. Hang it the first...Dixieland jazz song...I have ever liked...its great. Jay is not so much a a "scat man" as his scat verbal dances around a melody or an extra instrument. I think its his jazz roots.

It may not be the 1970's anymore,but I would much rather them release funk than pop.The chorus for Lifeline is borderline cheesy, and that is the first time I have said that about a Jamiroquai song.Generally the album is great,but I would have thought they would have wanted to burst back onto the scene by releasing killer songs,such as SAFP,TCDT and AGITH.

I doubt they'll ever release a song like SaFP as single. Radio stations wouldn't play it. TV channels wouldn't air it. The public wouldn't like it, cause most people aren't into funk today, and singles are released for the general public, not for us fans. We will buy the album and listen to all songs anyway. You have to consider this before making judgements on whether Lifeline is a good choice for a single.

"All Good In The Hood" should be the new single."Lifeline" is okay,but I would not have chosen it to be a single.

seems to be it's not the kind of song you can see charting very well. has a very particular flavor that younger people, teens etc. probably won't be into. and we all know who buys music..

Is there some Jamiro-petition we can sign to stop this from happening and get TCDT or SAFP as the new single instead???

WHAT? LIFELINE WILL BE SINGLE?! It is not so good song - too much pop and very much similar to Julian Pereta song.

It's funny how some people say "I don't like it, therefore it's not a good choice for a single".

Singles are a matter of promotion, not catering to the tastes of fans. This is why they release simple and radio-friendly songs like White Knuckle Ride or Lifelife. The best and funkiest tracks will always be on albums for the fans, and singles will be on the radio for the general public.

That said, I think Lifeline is a great song, maybe in my Top 5 of the album. It may not be very funky, but who cares, it's just music.

I can understand why some would go with the obvious/safe option (for example, Soul Education or Planet Home instead of King For A Day), but Lifeline is actually a very smart release (unless the label screw up the promotion, like they did with the album launch and singles). Had they released SAFP or TCDT, we would've heard the whole 'sounding the same' bull that they get from idiot, know-nothing critics. Will be interesting to see how the remixes work.

It's funny how us Jamiroquai fans can have such differing views about what are the best/worst tracks on the album. I think what we can all agree on though, is that all of the tracks on the album are a million times better than the drivel being played on the radio or in the charts at the moment (or right now, as everybody seems to say now).

if you look at the Promo 3-Disc set which is White Knuckle Ride, Blue Skies and Rock Dust Light Star, then Lifeline is really the 4th single...(unofficially)

the whole promotion was wrong in the first place they should have released SAFP first after white knuckle ride, TCDT and finally Hurtin' .. The album would have sold 10 x more ... Jamiroquai really knew what to release during TWM and AFO ... Virtual insanity cosmic girl alright high times were back to back bombs...

@ajjaca, unfortunatelly things are not that simple. Nowadays the bigger public doesn't take Funk and Acid Jazz anymore - just like they did in 1997 - but only Synth-Pop and Hip-Hop...
I bet that if 'Cosmic Girl' was released nowadays it wouldn't be successful...

I think that Jamiroquai has got currently a fantastic sound and it still pleases all the fans but sadly they no longer reach the people that controls the charts

Someone made a good are not really for the diehard fans,who will buy the album anyway.Singles are really for the *general public*.That's why record labels choose songs that are 'safe' and have mass appeal.They choose songs that will hopefully appeal to listeners outside of the diehard fanbase.

'the bigger public doesnt take funk and acid jazz anymore ' i doubt they would like an Orchestral song like lifeline


You may be right but I guess they chose this song because Amy Winehouse is making a lot o success with this Orchestral thing, so I guess 'Universal' is just trying to follow the trend.

This is one of the worst songs I've ever heard - period. It's so souless. Seriously 'honky-tonk' piano??? Where's the funk gone (Fast Persuader excused)!?!? You may as well start calling this website

I'm sure Olly Murs fans will be lapping this single up.

Yes! That's what I was thinking! It sounds like that Olly Murs song that got to number 1!
I'd hate for people to see Jay Kay similarly to Olly Murs. Lifeline is a very girl-orientated song.

Sorry Everyone, but I'm just not getting Fast Persuader at all! It doesn't move me one iota, it just washes over me in a cloud of 'meh'. My personal favourite from the CD is TCDT, but to me that is much more suited to sunny days, so AGITH would have been my choice.

so is a good track
aggain unexpected as a single
anyways, sounds good
i wonder how the video will be, is very jamesbond sound

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