2011 UK tour dates announced...

Added on Tuesday 30 November 2010, 10:59 (UTC) have revealed four UK concert dates for 2011...

  • 15 April - London O2 Arena
  • 17 April - Birmingham LG Arena
  • 19 April - Manchester MEN Arena
  • 20 April - Glasgow SECC

Tickets go on sale this Friday (3rd December) from 9am.  A press release has been posted at Facebook with the following additional information:

Tickets are available online at & 24hr cc hotline 0844 811 0051 & 0844 826 2826 TICKETS ON SALE 9AM FRIDAY 03 DECEMBER AND ARE PRICED AT £45 & £37.50 FOR REGIONAL DATES, AND £47.50 & £37.50 FOR LONDON DATES.Frontman Jay Kay said this week: "I can't wait to get back out on the road and tour, particularly round the UK where we haven't toured for a while. We're looking forward to playing stuff from the new album, as well as giving you new twists on plenty of the old hits."

Credit: Cristina Lara

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Veery excited! I think I know what I would like Santa to bring me :)

Ave it!

@Russky - definitely!

Which one?

Wonder if they will manage to squeeze any smaller gigs in in between! It would be wonderful if they could..

Loved the Forum gig Kentish Town..Spot on.. loved Robs guitar riff on Hurtin.. appeals to the air guitarist in me!!! lol!

I suppose its economies of scale.. larger venue = greater revenue return, but loose the artist-audience intimacy..

Take care, keep warm, its freezing here in Southwest UK.

Finally some UK tour dates.They always cover Cardiff,they've forgotten about us this time! I reckon a trip to Birmingham is on the cards.I wish I still lived in London.

5 dates in Germany, 4 in the uk?? No Newcastle again. No Liverpool, Nottingham, Aberdeen? I'm sure plenty of fans from these cities went out and bought the album.

Yes jamalgerie. Cardiff too. I'm sure there other fans round the country feel the same. It's a bit unfair.

yes great news, will go to 3 out of 4... Cheeebaaa

Oh yes! Will be dusting off my Jamiroquai fleece (canned heat vid one)..its been a long time coming!

Finally :D

Will be attending birmingham and london at least.

Might go Manc, also might go abroad to see a show. Somewhere close like France maybe.


@Don Mildreone

I'm thinking Luxembourg 5th April. Crazy Jamily tours coming up!

What about Ireland? They've loads of fans here but no sign of a tour date? Pls, pls, pls come back to Ireland in 2011 :) :) :)

2 dates in France ONLY !!!!!!!!!!! what a shame !!! really !!!!

Bit pricey?


Jamily tour?? Inform me :)

I'm up for anywhere in local Europe!!

With you there @Craig, bit more than I would have liked. May not be able to afford it so close to Christmas!

MANCHESTER!!!!! Bit poor round xmas, but its my 21st round then so i'm sweet talking my parents to buy it me for the birthday haha

Can't wait for the Manchester date!!!!

Now how about some U.S. dates?? :)

^^^^ yes please!

come to Texas!

that last show is on 420! that should be a fun show lol. wait do people celebrate 420 in the UK?

Got good tickets for the O2 gig. Anyone not been to the O2 b4 just a warning if you r offered tickets from block 418 to 405 or 110 to 103 dont bother;a waste of money.Made that mistake when we went to see Stevie Wonder and paid in excess of £80/ticket to watch a small screen at the front.

How do you get the pre sale tickets?

Only four dates!?!? Are they taking the piss or what!?!?!?

I know it's not many dates, but with the seemingly constant negative press they receive in the UK and the relatively poor album sales, why would they bother to put on any more? I don't blame them for spending most of their time overseas touring.

Can't wait for another Glasgow gig!

BOB FLEMING, you couldn't be more spot on. The funk have charted in 20 countries more than any album this year. The press slate Jay Kay for speaking his mind and saying what 90% of public think. Its ridiculous, the rest of europe adore Jamiroquai and although JK and the rest are grateful of our support they get nothing but love from europe. 4 tours is fine by me as i live in Birmingham. Cheeeeeba

Bob Fleming... Unfortunately "Overseas" doesn't mean the US or North/South America. I know they played 2 or 3 South American dates recently. But before that... it's been 5 years.

So long waiting and all 4 dates are when we're away for the Easter holidays - going to miss it!

Got a couple of tickets for the 02 show. Very happy.

Don, Methodz, my tickets!

Got my tickets too and i have some fantastic seats! My first time seeing em live i soooo cannot wait!!!! :-D

got my tickets as well, london and birmingham!

got my tickets! MEN arena here I come!!! very very excited!!!

YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the Manchester date!! Already got tickets, and it's two days after my 29th Birthday!! Are any of you on twitter, by the way?

Get in!! Booked for Birmingham.Now I am awaiting that 'imminent special announcement' that was posted on Facebook a few days ago. I recently signed up for Twitter btw

I think the special announcement is the dates that have been announced on facebook this morning. I'll get this site updated with the latest dates (as there's a few new european ones in there that we didn't know about) later.

M.E.N here I come, bloody carnt wait!

Got my Birmingham standing tickets sorted. Looking forward to havin a party with all the party people down at the front.
Im really feeling for the people who look like they are gonna miss out, hopefully those in the usa will get some dates towards the end of next year.
For those people who have never seen jamiroquai live are in for a real treat. Roll on april.

Standing ticket for London sorted. Still hoping for another chance to see them in Sweden though.

Got my tickets for L-Town, can't wait guys. It's gonna be special xx

Got my ticket for 02 also.....went flippin' OVERDRAWN 2....HSBC Bank please b nice with your charges!! :P lolol xxxxxxxx

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