Jay Kay to duet on X-Factor Australia?

Added on Tuesday 16 November 2010, 09:51 (UTC)

Surely not... has posted a news item about the upcoming X-Factor finals in Australia...

"The three remaining contestants will be given a rare opportunity to perform a duet with international singing stars Jamiroquai, James Blunt and INXS."

So it looks like Jay could be doing a duet on the show this coming weekend... Just having a think here, has Jay performed many other duets in the past?  I can think of Bad Girls at the Brit Awards in 2002 (and have been reminded of Jay/Diana Ross at the Brits) but are there any others...

UPDATE: It looks like Jay's going to be doing a duet with finalist Sally, as shown in a promotional commercial for the show that is on YouTube.

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Diana Ross, 1997 Brit Awards? How can you forget that one? :P

Say it isn't so...!!!!

I just saw the promo for it, Jay & the band will be performing with contestant/finallist Sally.

Luke: I agree... how could I forget that! Thanks for reminding me!

I just looked and it was the 30th news item here at (when it wasn't!)

Surely not...this will be degrading.

I'm an Aussie and the standard of the 3 finalists on X factor is pathetic, bordering on embarrassing. I thought part of Jay leaving Sony was to get away from this kind of rubbish?

What about the duet with Anastacia - Bad Girls?

around 2006-2007 jay sang Cosmic girl on the french star academy ... there was a girl singing with her

Does M Beat count? and Jules Holland??

Havnt seen any of the contestants so cant really say if this a good thing or a bad thing, but guessing bad, but were see, could be really good, it is Jkay..... Cheeebaaa

Beverley Knight featured on backing vocals for Main Vein, and on stage during the AFO tour ;).

And the thang with the Stones-guitar player (excuse me for not knowing his name at this moment :$)

I am ashamed to see Jamiroquai will perfom for such a show again AND Jay even duet with a contestant.
This show is not for musicians, it's for low class entertainment.

Imagine the contestand has a better voice than Jay at day of the perfomance. It would be so humiliating! ;)

To be fair, one contestant on this show isn't actually all that bad. Sally, however...this could get painful. I don't know what song they will sing?

Oh god... Wasn't the split with Sony so they'd have more control over this sort of thing??? Unless of course... Jay and the guys actually WANT to do it. I cannot believe this sh*t!!!

...and yeah, Jay also duetted (of sorts) with Chrissie Hynde and Skin from Skunk Anansie on Miss You back in the day on a Jools Holland show. Ronnie Wood was on guitar.

Well...Firstly massive fan of Jamiroquai and watched them live on the Gold Coast last time they toured in OZ. The X Factor finalist are really good, (never thought i'd say that) and the show is of a good standard. I would much rather just watch Jamiroquai play an act, but a duet will work. BBQ at my place this Sunday!

Hey Jay, you've got your mind in a mess again ?

I say Hey Jay, you've got to learn how to break the chain...

Saw Ronnie Wood come on stage to play a couple of tracks with Jamiroquai, oof, let me think now, must have been about ten years ago at Sheperds Bush. Brilliant! I'm sure they're still fixing the roof to the joint after it was torn off all those years ago. Reading about this 'duet' has for the first time in 17 years really made my heart sink.

Just leave the singing to Jay not with low class singers just solo for me thanks

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